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  1. Now that MSFS will soon support VR plus the CRJ is around the bend I have two questions: - will there possibly be a Christmas discount on MSFS? - will there be a discount on the CRJ for owners of the CRJ professional? Michael
  2. No problem, as long as it finds its way onto the to-do list. Michael
  3. That is not what I mean, Wolfgang. If you want to check, hit the AFD MENU key on the CDU and set TERM WPTS to off. If I do so, the CRS indication for the same waypoint on PFD and MFD is different. On the MFD, I get 000 or a nine digit string (as depicted below for BELDU). BTW: a fresh install did not change anything. Regards, Michael
  4. It is my second flight since I have updated P3Dv5.1 to HF1. When following a flightplan using FMS1, the CRS to the current waypoint is written on the PFD next to the waypoint name. On the ND however, the CRS is either 000 or (sometimes) an arbitrary number with 9 digits. I do not know if this came with HF1. As soon as I switch to Loc1, CRS indication is correct. I am on the current CRJ version Sorry for the bad resolution of the screenshot. Michael
  5. On my system, the 08-May-2020 NavigraphOIDC.dll which causes the CRJ problem stems from the Leonardo MD-82. Each time when I run the Leonardo Load Manager, it overwrites the NavigraphOIDC.dll in the P3D main directory. I keep a copy of the correct NavigraphOIDC.dll that is installed by the CRJ so I can restore it. Michael
  6. Hans, I restored the dll from an Acronis backup of my SSD which I took before installing the MD-82. No idea where it stems from. Since I do not want to attach it, how can I send you the file? Michael
  7. It is indeed the Leonardo MD-82. After installing its latest version 1.7B725, the navigraphOIDC.dll in the P3D main directory was overwritten with dll version Result: frozen CRJ. After replacing the outdated dll with version, everything is working again. Leonardo should ship the new dll the their MD-82. Michael
  8. Is Poprad compatible with the seasonal textures of FTX Global Base and compatible with FTX Global Vector? Thank you, Michael
  9. Hans, it is for use with ProATC since takeoff runway and SID are issued by Clearance. Michael
  10. Good morning, yesterday, I saved this FP without runways. However, the FMS automatically added dummy runways as dep and arr airport IDs. When I later tried to re-load the FP, I received a load error. Only after removing the dummy entries, the FP could be loaded: [CoRte] ArptDep=LYTV RwyDep=LYTV ArptArr=LSZH RwyArr=LSZH ArptAltn= SID= SIDEnrTrans= STAR= EnrSTARTrans= STARApprTrans= APPR_Trans= RwyArrFINAL= CoRoute= FltNo= DctWpt1=TIBRI DctWpt1Coordinates=42.410556,18.554167 DctWpt2=SPL DctWpt2Coordinates=43.496581,16.304722 DctWpt3=Z
  11. It seems that the cause of my problems with pressurization were old flights saved in 2017. I will continue to test fly and if the problem returns will report back. Michael
  12. Hans, take off was from EGHI Southampton. Since the runway is rather short, I did a packs off take off (this habit stems from a Boeing 737 tutorial). After reducing thrust from TOGA to CLB detent, I switched packs on (somewhere below 3000ft). Michael
  13. Yesterday, on a flight from EGHI to EDDL (FL320) the cabin altitude rose up to 14000ft and stayed there till after landing. I am seeing strange pressurization issues from time to time. Possibly these are related to switching off the packs before take off and switching them on again after take off. Michael
  14. Vvince, since I have the Oculus Rift, I only fly in VR. The CRJ runs very smooth with the Rift and P3Dv4.4 in native VR (single-pass mode). Surely, I have to use zoom to read the small dials. This is o.K., but zoom causes one problem: while setting HDG, Speed, ALT, VS and CRS on the glareshield using mouse, I cannot check what I do on the PFD. Therefore, I have to repeatedly look at the PFD, which in turn causes the mouse cursor to loose focus. But the feeling of sitting in the cockpit is overwhelming. Go give it a try. Michael
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