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  1. Unfortunately, I am seeing the same. Yesterday evening, last flight before the update, my Thrustmaster T.16000M throttle worked. Now, the thrust levers of the CRJ donĀ“t move. There is just a slight transient engine spool-up visible. Michael
  2. I will look out for it. Thank you for your fast answer, Michael
  3. Hello, will ENAT be available on the Marketplace in the foreseeable future? Michael
  4. Piper Cheyenne, the best ever turboprop for FSX - getting it back for MSFS2020 would be awesome! Michael
  5. I have this problem only when I am too fast on approach. As long as I am fully configured for landing and not more than 10kts above Vref, it keeps precisely on the glidepath. Michael
  6. I also wish to congratulate and thank all who contributed. Knowing the CRJ for P3D since many years, I quickly felt at home. It is a joy to sit in the cockpit in VR. I am proud to be a first day adopter and I eagerly await how you and Asobo further develop this airplane and the simulator in general. Michael
  7. Just a reminder: The problem which I haved described is exactly the same in the new CRJ 550/700 for MSFS2020. Michael
  8. Suddenly, I have both C&D and IRS realistic align time working. I hope it will stay... Michael
  9. It is a bit different from what I have described: the options are saved correctly, but they seem to have no influence on the startup state. [Startup] Default=0 [Config] IRSAlignTime=0 Michael
  10. yes, right mouse menu and start as Administrator Michael
  11. It appears that the Options "Cold & Dark" and "Realistic IRS Align" cannot be saved. Michael
  12. I had three CTDs in a row when trying to load the CRJ700 on the runway of EGHI (Southampton). Then, I tried to load at an EGHI gate without problem. Michael
  13. Thank you for this reasonable explanation, Michael
  14. understood, but what did "More than likely, it's an issue with the Prepar3D SDK, rather than Aerosoft's modelling" mean? Michael
  15. Jude, do PMDG, FSL, Leonardo... have different SDK? Michael
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