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  1. Yes, the crash always happens when i try to access the first chart. It will list the charts related to an airport but the moment i click in one of them it's CTD. I also have a Navigraph subscription and their charts work OK, but i prefer LIDO a million times and would like to be able to access the Navdata charts.
  2. I also suffer CTDs with NDP Pro, selecting a chart is enough to finish my flight. Annual subscription.
  3. Another CTD with Navdata, EDDM to EHBK . Selected EDDM east apron chart and that ended my flight (well, i was parked still but...)
  4. I would like to suggest an improvement about engine starts. We all know how those surge unrealistically on start, with parameters rising really fast and completing the start procedure much sooner than its real world counterpart. I know this is due to the ESP engine model limitations and i don't expect a custom engine model at this point, but i think another solution could be feasible: faking the engine indicators so that it shows a realistic start while under the hood it's the same engine start as always. I first heard about this technique in another Aerosoft product, the Simcheck
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