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  1. Doing the same now as we speak, I also installed a clean version of windows.
  2. The CRJ is installed in H:\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional. I will send the results from the version tool now. Thanks
  3. Hans, have come back to this thread, I have the two files you mention, clean install, correct version, correct panel version, have now installed away from my c drive into my usual FS install folder. Still the same, anything else you can suggest please?
  4. I have both those files installed and my CRJ is installed in C documents aerosoft, the default location created by the installer.
  5. Yes, certain I downloaded and installed the v4.5 installer, I am using HF3 p3d v4.5.14.34698
  6. In this folder is ASCRJ Pro.dll dated 30/06/2020
  7. Hi, this is installed on P3dv4.5, is what you ask still required?
  8. Hi I see several posts referring to the panel being frozen on startup with the yoke fully deflected to the left. I have just today downloaded a new installer from Aerosoft (2200), installed the aircraft and have this same issue. Of course, even with experimental downloads clicked, there are no updates available for this latest version. I have installed / reinstalled 4 times to no avail. Thanks Garry
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