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  1. Well maybe the long shot worked. I did uncheck mute on lost focus (along with clicking a thing or two in my sound card settings that I would have to go back and check to see what that actually was, frustated shot in the dark clicking), but regardless it was probably the mute on lost focus? Anyway thanks so much for hanging in there trying to figure this out. Now I can get down to actually learning it and making some flights. If the problem resurfaces I will get back with you I'm sure. Thanks again. Aaron
  2. Ok. I'll try that with the mute of lost focus. I am installed to C:user/me/documents/prepard3dv4addons At least thats what it looks like to me. Thanks for trying to figure this out. For reference i have other various planes installed with no problems, including Aerosoft CRJ.
  3. I have deleted the cfg file. Reinstalled the client again etc. Still nothing. Are these the settings you are wanting to see?
  4. Ok a reinstall etc again and again has not fixed it. I found the sound files now. The ASC file does not seem to get recognized or read. Thats what it seems like to me.
  5. Well maybe were getting somewhere on this problem because I don't have this file in this spot. Now to figure out where it is and how to get it where it should be.
  6. Also, where are these sounds located to see if they have been installed in the proper place and folder etc. Thank you.
  7. As far as reinstall I did delete and reinstall the client only. So much already installed to delete and start completely over with no assurance that I wouldn't have the same problem. The throtle detent makes no sound. I do not have a second monitor, but the thought that those sounds could be going eleswhere is interesting, although with selecting take off state or taxi state I do hear the engines inside and out. ????
  8. Ok, tried about everything I can think of to try at this point. No sound as described. If I am missing something in the MCDU etc. please point it out to me because I'm missing it.
  9. I will say I don't understand though if I start the plane, select cold and dark and start from scratch how nothing makes a sound in the cockpit. Or outside for that matter, generator running or anything. I turn on ground power, select battery but zero sound. No flip switch or anything simple is even heard. Are you saying there is a setting to make this heard. In the sound settings in the MCDU all things are set to default.
  10. Will do. I'm not even close to implying that I know what I am doing here, so I will give it a look.
  11. no I have not delved into the tutorial but I'm not sure I am doing anything wrong in regards to starting from cold and dark and selecting the ground power and battery and hear nothing. When I select the checklist pilot and copilot I can tell it is running but I don't hear it. Now if you were talking about technical things like programming the flight and using the systems yes I will read that in time to better understand.
  12. No P3d sounds fine. I just tested it where I went to the takeoff state and flew the plane. I hear the engines hear the gear going up and down I think, do not hear altitude call outs and the retard alert on landing. I will try the Q test but since I hear the engines just not some sounds I don't know.
  13. I am not hearing any sound when the engines are off in the cockpit. No checklist voices or anything. I have re-installed etc. etc. I am running Windows 10 with P3dv4. Help anyone. Aaron
  14. Guys no luck yet. I have uninstalled the CRJ, reinstalled, and did the same with the visual c++ programs. Still the same thing going on. Any thought it could be some sort of a font error. I seem to recall having some issue like this on the airbus maybe, or saw that someone else did. I just can not specifically remember.
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