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  1. So it's buy P3D v.4 or not be able to use this scenery? (Post edited by staff to remove inflammatory, rude or offensive text)
  2. As a FSX:SE user I rarely come here anymore because all new stuff is updates for P3D v.4 or some X-plane stuff. Nothing new for FSX. This might affect these results, you also have to be logged in to vote.
  3. You guys are underestimating FSX. Look at the numbers on Steam. FSX:SE just keeps Selling and Selling numbers goin up and totally outperform the other flightsims in Daily users. Despite all the new sims nothing seems to stop FSX:SE so far. Folks in the forums arent representative of total amount of users although they probably buy the most addons. So FSX aint dead yet.
  4. First of all the P3D crowd went straight to v.4 probably not even considering FSW. But with FSW out of early access with most features in and developers able to do addons and sitting on Steam FSW is probably going to do fine. As of now I dont find much to do in it.
  5. Frankfurt getting an moving jetways update lately and Hamburg getting an jetway and AES lite update for FSX:SE and P3D it would be great to see more such updates for FSX:SE and P3D. Here are ones I have: Moving jetways for Helsinki, Oslo and Zurich. Moving jetways and AES lite working for Amsterdam, Lisbon and Berlin Brandenburg.
  6. Ive read the whole thread and compared to others my system seems to work pretty fine. Arriving at Frankfurt from Berlin Brandenburg worked flawlessy. Black Squares and missing lightining loads after some seconds and mainly happen at the latest Arlanda which seems to be a problematic Airport for many. I´ll stick to FSX SE but understand that real life pilots and others want better Aircraft. Im pretty new to flightsim, started with it june by bying FSX SE:
  7. Finally bought Mega Frankfurt and made my first flight from Berlin Brandenburg to Frankfurt. It Went well, no problem when arriving whatsoever. Aircraft was Boeing 737 fw slightly better than the default, all megaairports (around 20 in Europé) and other addons turned on, Ftx Global, HD trees, Hd Airports, 2010 global. Some settings: Airline density 70%,LOD at max, Scenery complexity max, Autogen very dense, FPS at 30. This shows that a good system on FSX SE can handle airports like Frankfurt and Stockholm Arlanda without OOMs. At least with default Aircraft.
  8. There are many in this thread that advices FSX users to get P3D instead. Ive looked at P3D and as I understand there are no default airliner Aircraft in it. Is that right? I dont want to pay for massive and vas heavy Aircraft that need reading a 200 page manual to understand and learn. In FSX SE I mainly fly default Boeing 737, Bombardier crj700, Airbus A321 (with ELAC turned off for better control) + freeware MD83 and Airbus A340. I havent bought Frankfurt yet after reading this thread. Ive never had an OOM yet but payware Airports that get me some problem when arriving, like Black Squares, missing Lightning buildings etc, are Essa Arlanda, EKCH Kastrup and a few others with most or all features in config tool on. But then I pause, escape and continue flying and everything loads correctly. Have my settings pretty high. FPS set at 30 and it has never gone under. I7-6700K 4.2 GHZ OC, 16 GB RAM, GTX 980ti.
  9. OK didnt know about that one. Well I still hope someone will take on a new version of it with the upgrades going on right now.
  10. Guess you mean Bromma2012fsx. I have that, its free. A new terminalbuilding and some other upgrades at Bromma are happening right now so a new payware- standard version of this city Airport that also fly some international flights would be great.
  11. Kiruna can be found at Orbx EU Airports. I agree on Stockholm Bromma. Actually the whole of Stockholm should be done because its pretty bad. F.e. the triple bridge system to Södermalm (go north from Globen) looks like an 16th Century woodbridge down by the water.
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