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  1. I really want the A330 and the ATR 72-600 but I will probably never buy a plane that can't use MSFS flightplanner and Navdata.
  2. What does this mean when you do the flightplan in MFS? How is it inserted into the FMS?
  3. Frankfurt getting an moving jetways update lately and Hamburg getting an jetway and AES lite update for FSX:SE and P3D it would be great to see more such updates for FSX:SE and P3D. Here are ones I have: Moving jetways for Helsinki, Oslo and Zurich. Moving jetways and AES lite working for Amsterdam, Lisbon and Berlin Brandenburg.
  4. OK didnt know about that one. Well I still hope someone will take on a new version of it with the upgrades going on right now.
  5. Guess you mean Bromma2012fsx. I have that, its free. A new terminalbuilding and some other upgrades at Bromma are happening right now so a new payware- standard version of this city Airport that also fly some international flights would be great.
  6. Kiruna can be found at Orbx EU Airports. I agree on Stockholm Bromma. Actually the whole of Stockholm should be done because its pretty bad. F.e. the triple bridge system to Södermalm (go north from Globen) looks like an 16th Century woodbridge down by the water.
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