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  1. Hi Herman If you have ActiveSky, you can get PFPX to read the Active Sky files from your AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weather Folder. If PFPX is on a different computer to your Active Sky install, if you have a little technical knowledge (or research!) you can share the AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weather folder on the computer AS is installed to and map it to a drive letter on your networked PC with PFPX on it. You can then set the Active AppData>Roaming>Hifi>[Activesky_version_name]>Weatherpath to this in PFPX. Sadly, the share files for 3rd party software option on Active Sky doesn't share all the files PFPX requires, so using that method doesn't work, it has to be done as outlined above. Furthermore, note that it MUST be a mapped drive letter you use - the setting for the Active Sky path in PFPX won't work if you to use a network share name (i.e. it won't work with a path such as "\\MySimComputer\users\me\appdata\...etc."). Regards Adam
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