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  1. At EGX 2018, I managed to sit down with Chris of REMEX for a good 20 minutes where we talked about what the simulator had, where it was going, and of course get some gameplay footage in. I know a lot of you guys are definitely interested in this title, so do check out the video below and do tell me what you think!
  2. Are there any updates as to if or when OMSI Add-on London will ever release? Rhys seems to have stopped posting updates for it and for the most part, development is dead with the name and shaming of all his developers a while back. There are also calls on the Steam Discussion page for Aerosoft to drop him as a result of these delays and to release whatever there is left of the map. Will the OMSI Add-on London ever see the light of day or do we just forget about the whole project three years on?
  3. Hey guys, Its that time of the year again where I ask you all for your questions for the Flight Sim Show 2018 developer interviews video! Last year we got just under an hour of video where I spoke to all of the major developers at the event, and this year I hope to try and beat that! Whenever I do these, rather than asking the standard questions we normally get from interviews, I instead ask what you, the flight simulator users, want to know as at the end of the day, you guys are the ones that use their products. You can view a list of developers attending the event here - Likewise, if you want to watch last years video, that can be seen here - Any questions you guys have, please do ask and I'll be sure to add them onto my list! See some of you there. B')
  4. Morning guys, At what stage is the FSX/32-bit simulator compatibility and when is it expected to release? Looking in the forums, from what I can get is that it is now finished, just in the final stages of testing and that a release is imminent. I've seen some footage of the aircraft in action, it does look like it will be VERY interesting to fly, and with severe lagging issues in the other one on the market, I would like to get a full flight in on the Cigarette Jet! ^^
  5. Microsoft Flight released to the world on February 29th 2012. Unfortunately though, it wasn't too well recieved by the flight simming community and within a year, Microsoft stopped developing for the game in July 2012 before cancelling all support and shutting down Flight's multiplayer servers on October 14 2014. One major factor to why I believe it failed was down to the fact that being the only major release of a flight simulator in six years after FSX, it gained too much hype for what it actually was, among many other reasons I do explore. In this video, I look deep into the simulator itself and answer the question to whether or not this simulator really was as bad as it initially was.
  6. Evening guys, I've been having issues with my Night Environment British Isles scenery where the splash map is not loading for the majority of Britain. I've tried this with my add-ons activated, but also with everything deactivated leaving only the UK2000 airports and nothing else. (Screenshots are fairly dark so I've increased brightness for show) VFR Scenery + Night Environment, most of Northern England in darkness. VFR Scenery + Night Environment, edge of splash image just north of Stansted Airport. When zoomed in close you can still see the 3D lights, but no splash from high altitude! Default Scenery + Night Environment, looks even worse than the VFR scenery! Default Scenery + Night Environment, yikes... In terms of priority and layering, Night Environment - British Isles is at the VERY TOP of the scenery list, meaning that should not be the issue. Does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this? Cheers.
  7. I interviewed him at the Flight Sim Show last night, but forgot to ask his name to credit him properly!
  8. Next Saturday is the Flight Sim Show in which 36 exhibitors will open their doors to attendees for the event! A full list of the exhibitors are below. I'll hopefully be recording the event and interviewing some of the developers at the show for (although a video will also be made out of this) and currently planning some questions to ask! While I do this, I wonder if there is anything others want to ask but may not get the chance to such as not attending the show.
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