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  1. I know that but it didn't sort out ...thanks for your help
  2. I renamed those files to off earlier due to elevations. After reinstalled Madeira to isolate the Taxi guide issue I didn't notice the installer placed the APX43200.bgl file leaving such Taxi guide on runway 36. I renamed back that APX file to off and now is resolved. But still the elevation as per screenshot. Again, I don't have ORBX, REX, FTX, etc ….
  3. I don't think UTLive leaves Taxi guides on runway but just AI in motion …..
  4. I will proceed with searching string and to report it. From the posted Traffic Addon solutions I don't have scenery for UTLive I guess... I am in the office and later will double check. Thanks for helping me on this.
  5. I don't have ORBX, REX, FTX, none of those addon but UTLive. I never installed any free or payware old Madeira in P3Dv4.5 Uninstalled the Madeira 1.05a and reinstalled again, the Taxi guide is in the runway 36. Tried all fixes and still. So, what else can be I try on it? I hope a new update becomes available soon. I downloaded Madeira just a few days ago and is version 1.05a. I think I should purchase AES Madeira Professional but can't find it....
  6. Uninstalled Madeira from P3Dv4 and installed over again. The Taxi guide still on the middle of the runway. Applied Fixes for Madeira 1-05a and no success. Applied the Madeira all in one 1.02 and still the Taxi guide on runway. On the another hand I have to mention also when selecting the runway P3D shows runways 1 and 19 that has been corrected with Madeira all in one 1.02 Please, someone else getting such Taxi guide sitting on runway there? Any ideas to sort it out?
  7. Which one is the original mesh file? What is the filename? I have Taxi guide and an object on the middle of the LPPS runway 36. How to remove it?
  8. How to fix the elevation from LPPS Port Santo scenery installed from AES Madeira X 1.05a version? I don't have ORBX, FTX or any other similar add-ons in the P3Dv4 sim.
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