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  1. I know an Artist rarely would give up. I think January is too soon for completion. You want to do more than one final test and specially with ground elevations fix if found. Who knows ... and FPS performance too ... Testing with rain and snow I think would be a good fun. I wait as others for your great Bratislava magic scenery. Patricio
  2. Pasha, I think the glow of lights are OK, just colors yellow and white makes the great look as realistic on roads and buildings. Can be added some cars animations as well. I think and the end of this artwork, it will be so realistic all airport and city. Please, don't give up you can do it. Your Bratislava scenery will be a beautiful Jewel, I am sure about that. Patricio
  3. Pasha, can be night lights kind of different color and intensity? Streets need lights on ground too. Patricio
  4. LZBA is not even a Project of an airport. Does exist LZBA? If so, where is it? Patricio
  5. Perfect! Magic! I can't wait ... I know you are doing an Artistic work so magnificent!
  6. Wow! I can not believe that, you really are an Artist. Future purchasers will be very happy with Bratislava. Residents Pilots from the city will recognize their home, I bet you. Actually, I have Taxi2Gate LZIB in FSX. My P3dv4.5 is excited can't wait. Watching every day to find your Artwork ready available. Patricio
  7. Yeah!, that's a perfect idea. Pilots can see the airport even more realistic and some houses with smoke animation on Winter season. I like that.
  8. Beautiful well designed houses and maybe some with chimneys and probably with smoking animation. You can do that. You decide what's best in order do not affect the scenery performance. Patricio
  9. LZZI Zilina has very short runway less than 4K ft length. Can land there a A2A Connie Constellation? I have the Yak-40 in FSX as well. AN-225 will not even think to land in Zilina (lol). But, I would take LZZI when is available. Patricio
  10. Interesting, you are in Paradise very close to mountains but not near of Tatras or Caucasus (lol). OK, if not a TU-154 then can be placed for LZTT Technician, a TU-134 or a YAK-40. I will wait for the TU-154B from St. Petersburg to install it in P3Dv4.5 Patricio
  11. I just sent PM and hopefully it works. I left the Technician in place and I would like to see a different aircraft for maintenance. What about a Tupolev TU-154B or 154M? They are more attractive for me but don't know if for other Pilots. I have the TU-154B in FSX sim. I can't find this bird for P3Dv4.5 it has to be in somewhere. I hope your trip to mountains went well and enjoyed. Patricio
  12. I knew you can make the city. That is Holy Bratislava City, it's magnificent! Congrats! Patricio
  13. EDIT: I had to leave LZKZ DDS texture files as originally installed. Otherwise, black items will be if not textured as intended.
  14. Hello Pasha, tried PM and I get message: Patel1971 cannot receive messages. So, here my message. I installed your artistic work of LZTT Poprad-Tatry scenery and found from the Configurator Tool the option to remove Static expecting to free area space up. I learned the Tester guy was left alone on air. When I saw that I was trying to see a fix by myself with no success. Also, I found 118 texture files starting the filename as LZKZ instead of staying as LZTT. I think those DDS texture LZKZ files belong to your Kosice scenery in project. Or, leave them as installed. Regarding on the Tester technician now in levitation (lol) can be removed? I can wait for an updated Configurator tool or what ever you recommend me to do next. Patricio
  15. Watching here for the announce of the LZIB Bratislava scenery. I know it will be another artistic airport. Patricio
  16. Hello Pasha, It would be great from the Configurator to remove also the Tester when the static (aircraft) is Off.
  17. I think a little joke is accepted in any thread like this. The conversation needs sometimes to be funny as well so, nothing is wrong. Patricio
  18. Oh! I understand now... Yep, that technician needs to be removed because I removed statics.
  19. Passengers on the Terminal very realistic and look at the Bus.......WOW! It has been said, it is a magnificent Artwork. Please, keep your artistic skills and knowledge up. Don't give up, you can do more sceneries after some updates, indeed! Ukraine sceneries is not available so easily around. Good idea to keep in mind for next Projects after some vacation rest. So glad to see your posted images revealing a professional work. Patricio
  20. Yeah! that's a good news. Will have animations like train, people, cars? Please, keep planning with more sceneries. Regards, Patricio
  21. Pavel1971, that LZIB Bratislava scenery Artwork is beautiful. I am excited to get it when released. Very good artistic work a must to see and get it to enjoy with our favorite plane. Patricio
  22. I changed Season in LZTT in P3Dv4.5 and still the Ninja on air. How to fix it?
  23. Found to someone doing Levitation on the LZTT airport. Maybe is a tourist from India.
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