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  1. I visited TFDI DESIGN home store and yes I like that bird 717 definitely is a Gem and realistic but not for MFS2020 unfortunately. Patricio
  2. I will take a look at 717 interesting. If that bird is realistic like A2A planes or PMDG I definitely will take it. Pasha, thanks for that info, I appreciate that so much! Patricio
  3. I don't have ORBX. FTX etc ... I like A2A Connie Constellation my favorite bird, more challenge I love it. PMDG Boeing not a challenge, I love them too. I can't find TFD717 I am going to do research to find it. If it is only available in ORBX I skip it. Place your TFD717 in Bratislava airport scenery if possible. Patricio
  4. Now it is a Holy Airport looking real and divine. Where is TFD717 to purchase on it? Patricio
  5. Area looks very nice. Not sure if water is dark in real. Buildings well perfectly designed, look at the stairs good detailed. Patricio
  6. I think night scenery needs more lights work or the photo looks different. Can be isolated the Grass via Configuration Tool or to rename a filename? Even though Bratislava is magically a super high level scenery art made. Patricio
  7. Yes, I can see the Pilot drinking Coffee. I think the plane is taking so long to take-off. Passengers are complaining.
  8. Я думаю, что ночь декораций требует больше работы, ей нужно больше свечей (смеется). Patricio
  9. I think it could be a good idea to add animated cows and horses with some dogs and birds. I have seen only birds from others scenery but never saw animals.
  10. Looking very nice scenery now. Are those people near the rotorcraft animated? If so, which one is smoking (lol)? Patricio
  11. I think the runway needs more evidences of oil. I maybe wrong. I like the outside view. Is that photo from your camera or your artwork scenery? It looks like you were in a Copter taking photos, be careful of the plane outside, didn't see it?
  12. Now Bratislava is getting way far better looking at night. I knew, you can make it so great.
  13. Oops! .... if you don't like the night view then try to make it over. I am sure you can do it.
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