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  1. I saw all Liepaja pictures here and really I am very impressed so detailed historic airport scenery, a dream scenery to add in my system. Animated flags would be a good accent bringing more life to Liepaja Airport. Does Liepaja have a train near to the airport? Patricio
  2. I am learning now the Liepaja Airport is history as well. Does that emblem exists in real? Patricio
  3. Progressing fast and accurate your Liepaja, very nice. Patricio
  4. Glad to see this update for Bratislava I am still waiting to grab it. In my P3Dv4.5 I have the Lighting HDR disabled. With HDR enabled I loose the quality image. I like the look as FSX and it is what I get with P3Dv4.5 Patricio
  5. +1. I am waiting for this Liepaja scenery, I can see the progress of this artwork, I like it. Patricio
  6. There is a Configurator file in the same installed scenery. Try that first. If not a success try uninstalling LLBG from Windows Control Panel and clean the folder (yourDriveLetter):\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Ben Gurion V4. Install it again and see what you get. Patricio
  7. Aha! another masterpiece Liepaja scenery is a must have as well. Congrats! Patricio
  8. MFS2020 needs a better realistic planes. Default planes are buggy. Let's wait for the PMDG, A2A, to name some. I wonder if iFly is making planes for the MFS2020 as well? Patricio
  9. So, will be 2 AFCAD with Bratislava, right? Bratislava scenery is getting super attractive. Patricio
  10. Pasha, that's a beautiful news. Not sure if my posted image can help you for making grass and probably the rainbow. Patricio
  11. Amazing Bratislava scenery artistically well made, Congrats! I am ready to grab it. Please, make more sceneries ... Patricio
  12. This is the image I ask if my car can be driven on this street (lol). Patricio
  13. Good work! Please, keep doing fine tune on Bratislava. No jetways in Bratislava right? Patricio
  14. Any LLBG updates available to download? Patricio
  15. I can't wait to grab this Bratislava well realistic. I like so much the grass design not very common to see from other Developers. I have seen from other image where I think I could give a try to drive a car on the street. It is a street inside the airport, is it possible to drive in there? Or my car will not be on ground? Patricio
  16. Cool! ... I am new on that option scenery with more than one AFCAD to pick. I would select the AFCAD which allow me to drive my limousine car.
  17. I have seen bleeding runways when 2 AFCAD same ICAO exists in the system. Patricio
  18. This image shows only a blue light background and "imgbb.com image not found". The others images yes clearly well detailed and really amazing looking realistic city. Patricio
  19. Holly Night in Bratislava airport well done. I think the Follow Me vehicle is tired, looks at the tires almost flat. Tires need to inflate air 40 PSI (lol). Airport at night I can see better details than a day time especially buildings. Good job! Patricio
  20. Sorry, that is what I see from your posted images and I can't stop admiring your artwork. Did you work with raining day/night time with the Apron? Patricio
  21. Clearly the night environment of the airport is simply Perfect! Dynamic lighting well done. Bratislava 2021 now is definitely a terrific design scenery. I wonder how will look at raining day and night time especially on apron. Patricio
  22. I agree with you, indeed. Also, most of the scenery released for MFS2020 are only landscape. Only few scenery with an airport. So, I wait for airports with landscape and planes as realistic. MFS has planes with some switches "INOP" so not realistic. I can wait then .... Patricio
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