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  1. Hi guys, Here is a quick youtube video I made while testing the automated hoppie system I'm developing, just to demonstrate how to get your oceanic clearance when crossing the north Atlantic. This is not a complete tutorial video, but I'm hoping to release one once I'll have time to.
  2. Hi Secondator, I don't have the PRINT issue, but I can confirm that the FMGS can freeze occasionally. it did it three time till now. Unfortunately, i didn<t know that the cpdlc.log is erased every time you restart the sim so lost all the info in there . I'll keep testing and let you know. Amine.
  3. Thank You so much for the quick actions! we're getting closer. DCDU is working now .. but still no requests are made to HOPPIE . All stations returning STATION NOT ONLINE and no HTTP requests are being made to hoppie.nl EDIT : Please disregard last message. It is working perfect now. my bad and thanks again. I'll be happy to join the beta testers team.
  4. No worries ! Glad it helped ! l I took a guess on how to make it work , and it WORKED !
  5. attached is the Data folder and logs from procmon. You will see that CPDLC.INI is not accessed even though i was using the ATSU to send requests. I'll try few things and let you know if I find the culprit. still, it is strange that I get the same behavior on two completely different computers . Thanks. PS: Just a friendly reminder. I left a message earlier regarding automated Hoppie , but never got a response. Data.zip
  6. Yes, it is. Panel file attached. I've also tried on another computer (my old one) and it's exactly the same. thanks. panel.cfg
  7. Please see the attached screenshots. I used a proccess monitor to check if Prepar3d is accessing the CPDLC.INI to read the logon code, but i don't see that it did. It loads the CPDLC.DLL though. Thanks!
  8. Hey , Applied the update and the DCDU unit is pitch-black ( even the ATC NO DLINK is not showing) no matter what I do . Few information that might help: - the CPDLC.DLL was last modified on jan 23rd ..but the update was released just yesterday. - the DLL is loaded when the aircraft is loaded but it never reaches for CPDLC.INI - Replaced it with a CPDLC.DLL from a previous version and the ATC NO DLINK is showing but no other function is possible other than adjusting the brightness. - the notification (logon) seems to be a dummy feature .. it shows as logged in to the ATC unit, but no real interaction with HOPPIE network is happening. Thanks.
  9. Just made a minor change : "START EDDF AC. " : PDC will be delivered over cpdlc "START EDDF AT. " : PDC delivered over telex. "START EDDF. " : defaults to AC
  10. That looks fantastic .. and it couldn't be a better timing also! I'm currently working on a personal project to add a layer of automation to HOPPIE. At the current state, the system supports automatic logon and would respond to PDC requests automatically (in a CPDLC Msg). The PDC clearance would contain the departure runway taken from the current ATIS, the ground and departure freq (if exists) from AIRAC and still working on the SID. Next would be the automatic Oceanic clearance delivery and then add more support for other types of requests. The motivation behind this work comes from the fact that most of the time , no stations are available on hoppie to process our requests, and also people who don't fly VATSIM would not be able to use CPDLC capabilities of the upcoming A333 or the already available FSLABS A320, so the idea is to make CPDLC accessible for everyone. To start/stop a station with automatic capabilities, just send a free text to AUTOPS station as in the screenshot and the station would become alive after a 60 sec maximum delay. "START EDDF A." would start EDDF and the A stands for the station type (A: airport, C:center, O: Oceanic) . if none specified than it defaults to A: airport. It has no effect for now, but in the future , it would define which messages a station can handle for added realism (ex. an Airport facility will not process Oceanic Clearances or CLIMB TO requests ). Please feel free to test the system and provide feedback or requests. If you have special CPDLC message formats that you use for the A333, I'll be happy to add them to the system. Also, do you think we can cooperate on the oceanic clearance? Let me explain: the idea is to make the A330 seamlessly append the flight plan or at least the oceanic part of it from the FMGS to the OCX http POST request (the pilot won't see it in the DCDU). This would be read by the oceanic station and used to deliver an accurate automatic clearance. The same mechanism would be used to reply to the newly introduced CONFIRM ASSIGNED ROUTE message in the oceanic airspace. An alternative would be to make the user upload his callsign/flightplan to a webpage created for this purpose before the flight . Please Let me know if that would be possible or if you have better ideas. Last thing, this is going to be a free service and will always be. Sorry for the lengthy message! Amine.
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