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  1. Even though I recently returned to simming exclusively because of the release of FS2020, one of the VAs that I fly with has been slow adopting the new Sim. So, I also reinstalled P3D and the Aerosoft A320. Wow, it has aged beautifully (until I suppose you look out of the window, but that is not the airliner's fault). If/When Aerosoft releases a new premium airliner for the new Sim, please just copy the design of the copilot and checklist functionality to be EXACTLY as you did on the old Aerosoft A320, it is complete, seamless... so darn immersive. A hundred Kudos for the dev team who pulled it together.
  2. I just noticed the FS2020 Devs briefly quoted Aerosoft developers on the Oct/Nov Dev Q&A video, particularly on the subject of limitations on the current game engine that may be slowing down or even preventing third-party devs to implement AAA-quality add-ons. Their answer can be summarized that the main challenge here is due to third party devs having a ton of previous-gen code and having a hard time adapting that to what the new platform offers. I am sure that's true, but I was surprised that they also sound confident that there is no major limitation on the sim that may be clipping third party devs' wings. I wonder If this view is shared with the third-party dev community?
  3. Hi, I am trying to use a controller software that uses the default SimConnect Events (that work fine on other P3D aircraft) but for Aerosoft A32x but only for some event IDs. It works, for example, when assigning a rotary encoder to COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC to tune, but it doesn't work for Altimeter AP_ALT_VAR_INC nor HEADING_BUG_INC, just to name a few. EDIT: Later I found this thread with a reference Excel file, I figured that AB has different events even when there is an overlap with standard P3D/FS avionics. However, I could not find events (for example, increment/decrement of values) and only variables. Is there another reference for this? Thank you in advance.
  4. Ok, after a few successful flights, I started having the weirdest problem. After reaching cruise altitude (FL320+) on autopilot, the engine throttle range got screwed up where IDLE shifts to N1=93 and from there it goes off scale. Also with or without autopilot or autothrottle, i cannot bring the nose down (i know aerosoft doesnt simulate direct law). I had to turn off one engine in one instance or in the next attempt bring out spoilers/gears/flaps (damage off evidently) to lose some height, and it was only when i got around FL140 when the throttle lower bound was back to some kind of normality enough that i could turn on again autopilot/autothrottle. This happened twice.
  5. Thanks again for the detailed explanation, I actually meant to acknowledge I understood the difference between FMC/MCDU, but extra info never hurts. So, I just completed my first flight and I must say it was excellent, it may be true you guys havent written a new line of code in 10 years, but you evidently did an awesome job right from the beginning. I dont know at which time VNAV corrected itself, but sometime after T/O i checked again and the numbers were like I expected, the bird did a smooth flight all the way to the asphalt on the other end. Question: is the excellent copilot/checklist experience the contribution from your partnership with FS2Crew, or is there even more? I ask because I noticed that the configuration utility has a FS2Crew checkbox that is not yet selected.
  6. Hi, MCDU not equal to FMC, thanks, noted. I haven even left the gate yet - i'm trying to follow the tutorial but still stuck at page 45 (preparation) because of this. I guess that the next step is just ignore for the moment the SPD/ALT column, finish preparation and actually get that bird into the air, I will do that later today and revert. Worst case, i can add spoilers, gear, RAT or even open few doors and windows shortly after T/D!
  7. Hi, I stated my simulator (P3D 2.5) and the aircraft (Aerosoft A320) on the thread that was locked yesterday. About #3, I am not sure i understood: I am talking about the numbers shown under the SPD/ALT column on the F-PLN page; I understood that here you should be able to see the expected altitude at each waypoint based on the MCDU calculated vertical path. Are you saying that the numbers on the screenshot may actually be correct/expected (20,000+ ft) so close to landing? About #4, i hear you; thats why as I mentioned earlier I removed the discontinuities but the numbers didnt change significantly, I also tried a totally different origin/dest with a different plan without discontinuities and I see the same issue.
  8. Ok, my previous thread was closed before I could to provide more feedback. Anyway, I went to the tutorial as advised (Volume 6) and followed until page 45, however the same thing happened (screenshot attached): as per flight plan, four minutes before the runway I am still at FL201!? Thinking that I may have entered the flight plan wrong, I then loaded CO Route LOWILFMN01 only to find the issue still there. As per table on page 45, T/D should be much earlier? I have some experience with the [also virtual] 737 FMC and i had never seen this, could somebody give me pointers what may I be doing wrong? I am really looking forward some sim hours on the 320. BTW, I afterwards tried deleting the MANUAL waypoint and the DISCON - which created a smooth LNAV - but VNAV still looks more like one of a stone brick than a modern jetliner.
  9. Lol I am sure I haven't! Just still been unable to figure out what exactly, I was hoping for some pointers. I watched several tutorials but tried my own flight, I guess you're right and I will have to step-by-step fly the actual tutorial first.
  10. I am trying to set up the MCDU for my first Aerosoft Airbus A320 flight on P3D 2.5, I enter the basic flight plan, departure plus arrival, but the airplane doesn't calculate a reasonable descent profile: a few NM before the runway still at FL200+? I've tried a different plan, arrival, reloading - even manually inserting altitude on near waypoints, still same issue. What could I be missing?
  11. Thanks I figured it out. In the aircraft.cfg file, Aerosoft is rebinding the default HotKeyselect = 1 (F9) to their Glareshield View instead of the default Virtual Cockpit. This would be OK, except that their Glareshield view also has AllowZoom = 0. Which would ALSO be OK IMHO, if I could be able to quickly go back to the Virtual Cockpit (which I cant, again, because the F9 view no longer points to the default VC)! As a workaround, I commented out ( prepend ";") the HotKeyselct line under their [CAMERADEFINITION.000] section on all Aerosoft aircraft.cfg files, which restores the default P3D assignment of F9 to the default VC view. I figured I am on the VC a whole lot more often than on the glareshield, thank you.
  12. After many years of purchasing the product, I am finally trying to invest some time into it. I thought it was awesome to bind the F9-F10-F11-F12 keys to the most common panel viewpoints, until i discovered that F9 is bound to GLARESHIELD instead of VC (which has the Spacebar-mouse look around disabled). Is there a separate keyboard shortcut for returning to the Virtual Cockpit view? Thanks!
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