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  1. Still no news about the org store update? Download still says 1.0 and I m not willing to download 1.8G for nothing again.
  2. You can work around this issue by opening that file, 75.png in my case, with photoshop or gimp and re-export it as png, waiting for an update
  3. thank you, I read what I needed to know, not necessarily what I was hoping as an answer, but a statement. I am not sure you do yourselves a favor calibrating quality and prices of your products with a product that now has over 12 years or so and pretend this is the market today. but it is a statement and this is your right as a company. who btw said it was forbidden to improve a product that has come to age with today’s techniques? At least the most visible ones, then we could agree on a value add.
  4. Wow Look at this picture... it’s the first thing that you stare at when you launch the sim. this is XP standards? I would say the SAM bridge (at the right, not the green one) and the parking guidance system yes, the rest, hmmm barely xp 9 but you didn’t do neither the bridge nor the parking guidance right? Look at the difference in resolutions!!! But your taxi markings are super high res? I don’t care about how difficult this was and how much time it took, I just care about the 30 bucks you asked for something I would have been much better off keeping using the known freeware.
  5. What about an update fixing useless insane high resolution taxi markings and other images to reduce memory usage? maybe someone still cares about WT, eventually there should be a patch, but most important would be to produce a scenery pack matching today’s XP pay-ware standards. did you even read my post about mem usage?
  6. Thanks Heinz, the donwnload size alone is impressive considering it does only contain limited ortho imagery coverage
  7. Hi everyone, I have purchased and installed this scenery from the org store today, and after some initial issues with one specific file not being correctly extracted , I was finally able to load it correctly. I experienced some kind of png error when loading the scene, after reading a through a couple of forum search results I tried one interesting suggestion: now to my surprise it was only a matter of opening the file in gimp and re-exporting it as png file... ok, I told myself might just due to an error extracting the BIG file. But then I realized the size of that file and
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