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  1. That's a shame.. maybe in the future Aerosoft will release a much easier method. Also, my friend wanted to ask the same question but got a reply from you which was completely different, something along the lines of port forwarding? He downvoted your reply and then he got banned? Is there any reason for this? Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Hi, So my friend and I both own Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, and we both bought the aerosoft airbus twin pack, so the one that includes the A318/19/20/21 aircraft. He bought it just so we could do connected flightdeck as he is alot more of a Boeing person! Anyway, We watched some youtube videos and the ones we saw pretty much all had the same structure; Download Hamachi and create a Network, the friend joins that network. In the aerosoft airbus a318/a319 OR the a320/a321 configurator, you paste your friend's IPv4 address in the connected flight deck section. Load in the game, one is on master [on the right MCDU] and one is on slave, The master turns his connection on then the slave does and it works. Now that's how they did it on the youtube videos, however for me and my friend the outcome is different - It's all okay up until stage 4. We are both connected on Hamachi and can ping eachother with 40-60ms and we both load in with the exact same aircraft and livery, also at the same location. I switch the mode to Master and turn the connection on, it says NO CONNECTION in white on the right of the screen, then my friend goes on Slave and turns his connection on and the exact same text is there on the right. Please help ASAP as we really want to be flying together soon! Thanks in advance, Will
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