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  1. Some early WIP Screenshots of the upcoming Airport Malaga for XPlane 11 by SimWings and Windsock Simulations.
  2. Hallo, bitte die neueste SAM-Version runterladen und installieren:
  3. Hi, with an i7 6700k and a GTX1070 im getting 30-40fps in EDDK on high settings, max settings in EDDK config tool and on a 4K resolution. The only setting which causes my fps to drop to 25 is the Reflection Detail setting set to high. Also make sure that you dont set the Antialiasing on a higher SSAA setting, because for expample 4x SSAA means that XPlane renders internally with four times your screens resolution and then scales it down, which needs a huge amount of memory and overall processing power if you are already above 1080p. A GTX1070ti however should easily be able to handle that, so im assuming that there is a problem with other Add-Ons or Plugins you use. I strongly suggest to disable those step by step and see if your performance improves. If you do so, please make sure to report back to us so we can fix potential incompatiblities.
  4. We'll add that to our list for the next update.
  5. Released.
  6. As development is nearly done and we are approaching release, here are some more shots from the final tests:
  7. Some early WIP screenshots of our homebase EDLP Paderborn/Lippstadt for XPlane 11. The scenery will feature a detailed rendition of Paderborn Airport, generous orthophoto coverage of the surrounding area and, of course, aerosofts headquarter.
  8. Our popular Köln/Bonn Airport is coming to XPlane 11. Just got some screenshots from the developer for you guys to check out.
  9. Hallo, versuchen Sie einfach mal, die Szenerie zu löschen und neu zu installieren. Hier hat das funktioniert. Gruß Jan
  10. Hallo, seit der letzten XPlane 11 Updates haben sich in unseren Szenerien einige Fehler eingeschlichen. Wir arbeiten an Updates. Gruß Jan
  11. Released.
  12. Hallo, danke für das Feedback. Wir arbeiten gerade an einem neuen Update. Wir gucken uns auch ein Kollisionsproblem an das seit 11.30 besteht, dessen Ursache wir aber noch nicht gefunden haben.
  13. They should already, check your account and it should be available there.
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