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  1. Die Inseln sind jetzt verfügbar: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/xplane-11/szenerien/3151/german-islands-1-ostfriesland-xp
  2. The XPlane 11 Version of Reggio Calabria is now entering beta stage.
  3. We'll add that to our list for the next update.
  4. They should already, check your account and it should be available there.
  5. Hi, yes, the upgrade will be free for every customer of the XP10 version, regardless of where it was bought.
  6. Can confirm that it is indeed not planned for P3D.
  7. Aerofly FS2 got Updated to Version The Update is available via the Aerosoft Support Database as well as on aerofly.aerosoft.com.
  8. Aerofly FS2 wurde auf Version aktualisiert. Das Update kann über die Aerosoft Support Datenbank und über aerofly.aerosoft.com bezogen werden.
  9. We do have it in mind. We are working on making most of our scenerys available for XPlane 11, but we have to find a developer for each project which is not that easy. But yes, Madeira is of course on our list, but no definite plans yet.
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