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  1. Hi all, May be too late for this sugestion, but I have the hope to see this special feature at least in a future update once the initial release of the buses become fully functional and stable. I've recently puschased a 787 model from QW. They have provided a simple and clever way to practice approaches and landings (also to reduce the duration of a simulation) without the need to perform the full flight or have saved it before: any moment during the flight jou can 'jump' ahead your fp, and the soft reposition the plane acordingly the FMC prediction, including the correct reamaining fuel, altitude, heading, etc... Should be great to have this on the buses.
  2. I have know just FSX and believe me that I enjoy 'as a child' each and every flight with the buses. And eth suggests the 2018 versions will be awesome. No reason at all to stay in FSX. It is also to be thankful the effort made to increase the inmersion wow factor, and I consider one of the most important the weather related visibility effects: that is the ws rain and or snow effects. I've seen the shots and vids of the effects and i must say 'wow', but at the same time a bit disappointed because I expected a lot more blurry, at least at slow speed with heavy rain when you nearly cannot see at 10 or 20 meters away. Anyway, a big leap forward. Txs AS, from a really satisfied and happy customer and simmer.
  3. Hi, For me the option AES/GSX is on, and you request to pushback from the GSX you control in-sim menu (CTRL-F12). This is after the 'before start' cl. Once requested to do, just release the parking brakes and the push will begin. Regards
  4. Hi Tom. I had the same question, and I have followed your sugestion: the result was no answer found (at the time of writing this post, just five results including your last post). This feature is new to 4.1, recently released, so i think the question hasn't been answered before. Best regards
  5. OK. ¿same procedure for a descent?
  6. Hi guys, Sometimes I need to perform a step climb because of the winds or the diferent levels between airways. ¿Which is the proper procedure?¿Where do you set the new cruise altitude?¿Will the MCDU calculate a new T/D virtual point? Thanks in advance
  7. Didn't know about that diference, and didn't found anything about it in may charts (navigraph). ¿where do you find for an airport if this general constraint is not of application?
  8. Hi, The 250/10000 is a general constraint and I think you should't delete it. If you need to change the constraint in a wp just introduce the correct speed in the SPD CSTR field. Usually found in SID's or STAR, the speed constraints are in the navigation database (i use navigraph) so you don't need to input this data, but you must cross check always with the charts as may be errors in the MCDU data. Best regards
  9. Hi, Just curious about what can we all expect as 'full V4 features'. I just know a bit about the advantages of 64 bits and the new ligths system, but could you elaborate a bit more on the new features and their impact in planes as the AS buses? Txs in advance
  10. Hi, Just curious about the new features P3D V4 will allow for planes. I just only know the basics implications of the 64bits matter and the new dynamic lights, but could you elaborate just a bit about what to expect regarding 'full V4 features'? Sorry if not the correct place to request for this. Txs in advance
  11. Hi guys, Just a question. Often I've var winds conditions on destination. What is the correct way, if any, to input this wind condition in the App Perf page ? Thanks in advance
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