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  1. Can some one please tell me what the code is for the GPS NAV? I can only use the two switches on the left for alt hold and the heading NAV the GPS pickle does show up on the HUD but how do I toggle system control NAV. Thanks. Clark
  2. Is there any chance we might be able to get an F-16B and a hotkey button to change the payload for each aircraft. I have seen this done on Iris's F-20. This might be a good idea for a future patch. I truly believe this is the best aircraft for FSX at this time would be nice to have different payloads. The F-16B would just be nice for a two seat version which are common all over the world.
  3. FSX seems to be either the most demanding SIM ever or the worst optimized game ever made. I am running a q6600 at 2.6GHZ/4G RAM and a 9800GT (8800GT) is the same damn thing I got ripped by NV. I get 30 to 50 FPS but low 30's FPS seem to really affect the quality of fight. But what does it take to get FSX running good at full settings? Are we expected to run this game at 8FPS? I installed FEX which actually helps performance even though it looks better (HD clouds ECT). Is any one running a 280 NV or higher what is your performace like?
  4. I thought Windows 7 was slower for me in FSX. I am using a q6600/8800GT/4GB ram. it was slower because the overall FPS would drop down lower in Windows 7 at times then in VISTA. But I can say it OS is damn stable for a Beta version. I even removed the watermark so its pretty nice. Vista drivers work also which I though was great.
  5. If there any way to add a payload to the MS F-18 from Acceleration. Having an empty F-18 is really not complete. I guess we may just have to wait for the VRS F/A-18E for FSX.
  6. The f-16 demo aircraft do not seem to go over 200 Knots even at full aft. They don't speed up I am not sure if this is a issue I am just having or if this is a known issue already.
  7. No really but because FSX seems to want to stream exhaust and smoke for long distances. Heat blur would also stream out for a long distance.
  8. There is restaurant just like that near me. The pic looks very cool.
  9. I have a dual core 2.21 GHZ CPU since FSX is so CPU dependent will a new Q6600 2.4GHZ make any difference? Other than this I have 4gb ram and a 8800GT.
  10. I am using a 2.4 dual core with a 8800GT and 4 GB pc6000 DDR2. With the shadows off for the aircraft the frame rate is close to 28 average. But all other aircraft run great of course. Deatils on FSX are not very high I am running at 1024x768x32 should I be running a higher res when I try 1024x1024x32 it runs even slower.
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