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  1. Hey Jo, I just tested it by loading into the airport directly, and it looks normal. Before, when I had the issue, I had just landed the CRJ into EDDK on a flight from EDDH. Cheers, Rob
  2. I've noticed this building seems to have an inverse normal on it, as it is transparent.
  3. Couln't agree more myself. These 4 airports, are airports I would scoop up in a second. Please make it happen Aerosoft. Perhaps Dortmund & Sylt as well.
  4. So, as an update, on this flight, I was able to run the packs with external air cart after having run them on APU, and then connecting air cart with APU running, and then shutting down APU. But, on initial startup, after selecting a cold/dark state, I cannot run packs with external air cart.
  5. Since the most recent update (purchased from Marketplace), I've noticed that the Packs will absolutely not turn on (not highlighted green on ECS page) when the External Air Cart is connected. They only operate with either APU on or engines running.
  6. I had originally purchased ENVA from the marketplace many months ago. The initial download went great, however, I've noticed there is a 3+GB update in the marketplace for this airport. When I try to download it, it gets most of the way and then fails every single time.
  7. I also agree that this airport needs a rework (at the bare minimum, at least update the terminal). I’ve had this scenery for multiple simulators now, and besides the MSFS grass, I don’t notice much of a difference.
  8. Do you have your sim flight model set to Modern or Legacy mode?
  9. Can confirm that after applying one single brake application until reaching ~20kts or so fixed the issue. Not ideal, but it’s nice to have a solution while Aerosoft works on a fix. Thank you!
  10. Interesting. I will try this out later today
  11. I’ve noticed on quite a few landings that the after landing announcement is triggered twice on top of each other with a second or two delay between recordings. Could this be due to a slight bounced landing? What triggers this announcement?
  12. Make sure your altimeters are synced! It affects the windshear simulation if they aren’t. There is an option to automatically synchronize them in the EFB.
  13. Ground crews. If it’s anything like the Boeing’s, it will power stuff like cargo doors, cabin lights, etc. Basically, just to allow the ground crews to clean/service the aircraft before the flight crew arrives.
  14. There will still be some gusts (due to MSFS wind shifts). But, they shouldn’t make you feel like the plane is going to fall apart anymore.
  15. Make sure your altimeters on both Captains AND FO’s side are synced. Essentially MSFS’s wx engine thinks you’re at two different altitudes apparently causing massive windshear. I posted about this the other day. It has definitely fixed the problem for me. There is an option in the EFB options to automatically synchronize the altimeter settings. If this is in fact the issue, I would encourage Aerosoft mods to include this in the faq.
  16. Preferably per hour? Will use this for sim brief extra fuel calculations.
  17. Perfect! That makes sense, and I am completely satisfied with that answer. So, not a bug, just a limitation with the simulator command system. Consider this closed now. Thank you
  18. You simply appear to be behind the power curve. At that altitude, you should be climbing at M.74. The standard climb schedule is 250 to FL100, then speed it up to 290kts. Then, by default FMS VNAV CLB settings (assuming you haven’t changed them), it should automatically switch over to M.74 when it is the same as 290kts. This is all covered in the tutorial videos by TheDude.
  19. The other thread was closed. However, I still see this problem. I will attach a video to show what is happening. In the video I show the difference between using the extend/retract spoiler button commands on my throttle vs. what happens when I drag the spoilers with the mouse and/or use the scrollwheel on the spoiler. There is a clear difference in the drag induced as indicated by the speed trend vector and VSI. I do see that using the mouse does produce *some* drag, but it is nowhere near the amount that occurs when using the button commands. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.03.18 -
  20. Turn your Bleed Valves switch to Auto as well.
  21. We’re referring to saving the options listed on the Options Page.
  22. Exactly the same here. I Open sim as administrator always as well.
  23. Perhaps the OP can post a screenshot of the ECS page the next time this happens?
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