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  1. Hi Oliver. I'm with Raymond66 on this. V1.04 for me does have runway markings but they are VERY faint. And there's the problem of the PAPI's disapearing as you approach the runway. Martin.
  2. Thanks Matt. I use My Traffic and renaming BR2_ELLX.BGL to BR2_ELLX.OFF solved the problem. Martin.
  3. Hello. I've Just Installed FSX Version 3.20 and I have this problem at the gates where there are jet-bridges:....... Anyone any ideas....????? Martin.
  4. Hello Shaun. I purchased Trondheim X today (download) and am experiencing the crashes of FSX like everyone else here when either taxiing around ENVA or on approach to ENVA. I have the latest FSUIPC and have tried disabling UTX but the problem is still there. Any other Ideas???? Martin.
  5. I to have this problem. It's fine on my FS machine but the font is missing on my networked machine. What do I do with the quartz.ttf file? ie, where do I copy it to on my networked machine??? Thank's, Martin.
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