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  1. Thanks mopperle! I'll try that too.
  2. I took up the suggestions recently on here to upgrade my GPU. I went from a Geforce 640 GT to a Geforce 1050Ti. All the difference in the world. I have my fps limiter at 30, and it usually is pegging that unless I'm at a payware airport with payware aircraft in bad weather and it may drop a little. The Aerosoft 318/319 is much more enjoyable to fly now that I know how P3D V4.3 uses resources and uses them so much better than FSX relying so heavily on the CPU. Yes!!
  3. Ok. I understand now what you guys mean about the CPU, GPU, PMDG, and Aerosoft Airbus differences. Thanks for all of your help and patience!
  4. Ok. I turned my settings down quite a bit and did not fire up Active Sky. P3D only thing running. I went to PABR (Barrow, AK), not much scenery there, and the A319 was getting about 8.5 fps. I went to Vehicles and merely switched over to my PMDG 737 and my frame rates went up to 15 fps. I don't get it. I'm at a loss besides saving up for another system. Thanks you!
  5. Yes. I am using 1080/1920 pixels. So if I upgraded my graphics card it would help? I wasn't for sure if my system could handle a higher graphics card. I'm a novice at hardware and programming. I'll disable my Trueglass on the Airbus too. Now that I think about it, I was using the default Bonanza at the default airport last night and was getting single digit fps. Just kind of like my system is going downhill.
  6. I have an ASUS i7-2600 CPU@3.4Ghz, 12 Gig of Ram, Windows 10 64 bit, Nvidia 640GT, Samsung EVO SSD 250GB. I'm running ORBX, Active Sky for P3D 4.3, Traffic Global. Active Sky tends to be the biggest frame killer. When I installed all of my ORBX, I didn't see much of a noticeable drop at all. But now, I can fly without Active Sky and still get bad rates. I looked at my BIOS last night and I'm running on high performance. I also noticed the temperature was 123 degrees Fahrenheit inside my computer. I'm wondering if one or two of my fans have quit working and I am losing FPS due to heat. I don't know the typical temperature the core should be at. I was running 20fps after I installed ORBX. I've added the PMDG 737, A2A 172, and now the Aerosoft 318/19. Seems like each time I use it, the frame rates drop. Thanks for your guys help!
  7. I don't understand why my Aerosoft Airbus for P3D 4.3 causes such a large frame rate drop when it is advertised to have minimal impact on fps. It has double the impact that my PMDG 737 NGX has. Does anybody else have issues with fps or know if this is something they are going to address?
  8. N697DT

    A320 for P3D V4.2

    Since FSLabs is corrupt, I was wondering if Aerosoft will be updating there 320 collection from FSX to P3D? I liked the Aerosoft 320 in FSX and would like to see them in P3D. Thanks.
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