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  1. Just like the 700 and 550, someone will probably make it. US Airway Express wasn't added on release but I really wanted it. A few days later, someone made it!
  2. They'll be released when they're done 😏
  3. Im Looking forward to flying the PSA -900!
  4. I had that issue last night with the ils 04 into KLGA. It caught the GS and then decided to nose dive, the work around is just disengage the AP and recapture the GS manually l, then re-engage the AP.
  5. Awesome! Looking forward to the 16th then, thank you!
  6. I would guess but Id rather pay for my copy to support you.
  7. It'll be EWR-BOS-ORD. Start with something short and then a bit longer
  8. This and United are what I'll be flying the most. Looking really nice
  9. I know this is a little much but, can we get a sound teaser? Maybe an engine spool up or something?
  10. Are the 900/1000 versions at the same development stage or behind? The 900 is my favorite version of this jet so ill be flying that the most when they release.
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