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  1. I think it has to do with the nvidea driver, I have rolled back to 398, which was very stable to me, also, I have reinstalled directX and installed new P3D 4.5 client and content, will have to continue testing and hope it can get resolved. Thanks
  2. I am having Two days in a row a CTD because of this module D3D10Warp.dll, I am in the airbus A319 default avianca livery, on the route SKBO- SEQM, I use the fallowing route. MUGBU UA550 MER G675 DUBKU All flights before this ones have been perfect on the latest airbus update, also to inform yesterday I updated to the latest nvidea driver 430.39. Thanks
  3. It works normally on the A320, but on the A319 the keys work but the display on my ipad gets frozen as I cannot see what I am pressing.
  4. Hello, in the morning I did a flight as usual, every thing worked ok, I have been using the web MCDU for a while without any major issues, so I wanted to do another flight but couldnt delete the data of the last flight in my ipad, as mentioned it seems frozen, because it doesnt affect the sim and also pressing the keys on the tablet work in the sim, so there is still some connection, this is only affecting the web mcdu display, hope there can be some solution, thanks PS: I have managed to make it work on the A320, which was the aircraft that I did the first flight, so when trying to use the A319, the display freezes with the data off the A320.
  5. jiasm

    Spad Next

    Hello, is it possible to use the saitek multipanel with spad next registered, I have managed to find a profile but only the gear lever, and radios work, does anyone have any solution, thanks.
  6. As mentioned before my problem might be that I cannot insert wind data, and that is why I have to use very frequently the V/S knob in the approach to follow the descent path. I read that the only way to insert this data is to have company routes, and also insert routes to AS16. I usually insert my route waypoints manually. Would there be an easier way to have wind data available?
  7. How is the wind data forecast entered?
  8. Hello, Is it normal to keep adjusting the v/s knob nearly the whole approach to avoid loosing the descent path, it seems the aircraft doesnt fallow correcty the descent path, eventhough I start my descent early, because of this problem I cannot make a proper ILS approach and I arrive to high to intercept the glidescope, I dont know if I am doing something wrong. thanks
  9. Thanks for your prompt answer, will try to check that later when I use my sim again.
  10. Hello I dont know if this has been asked before, I have an issue when using the MCDU on a second monitor, it seems that after I drag it and using it undocked it mutes the whole sim. I have to click the primary monitor to regain sounds. Hope there can be a solution because this does not happen with other aircraft I own, and neither happend in FSX when I used the airbuses. thanks.
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