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  1. Hello, thanks. But I disagree, my suggestion is based on the scale with respect to the other numbers. As you can see in the real image, the altitude has a scale equal to the rest of all the numbers. I believe that increasing the altitude by 20% the size does not affect the project at all and does not hurt the realism of this fantastic add-on. Anyway, thank you for your attention! thanks.
  2. I would like to leave a suggestion, or see if anyone agrees that the number of the altitude in the PFD is very small, especially for cases like me that do not have a 4k monitor, my 1080p 23 "monitor. Sometimes it is necessary to make a small adjustment in altitude, without losing the pilot's camera, but it is impossible to see the numbers if you do not get close enough! If it is possible to feed a little, it will be incredible ! Thanks
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