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  1. Hey im writing here as for some reason after 1 email Aerosoft decided not to respond. The issue was regarding this Madrid issue so i did what Jonas said and opened a support ticket, on the 27th of september i have opened a ticket and on the 28th i have got a response from one of the team members asking me to send pc specs and scenery library and so i did so, since then i have got no response which is already over 1 week from the last email, i really want to know if anyone is going to help me with this.
  2. If im flying i use active sky and ASCA for weather, regarding PerciptFX it doesn't work anymore with P3DV5, and this never happened to me at any other airports and that's including other aerosoft sceneries i own, i have tried to reinstall the the scenery but that didn't work
  3. I hope the video is invisible as i wanted to show you that i literally select clear skies and still wet texture pops up Untitledrfff.mov
  4. The scenery version is Release for P3D V5 My sim Version is P3D V5.2
  5. Hey, i hope someone can help me as im having a big issue with this scenery, i was trying to fix it myself but i don't have a clue, the issue is that the airport alway displays wet textures not matter what conditions even if its dry its still shwoing up as wet textures, would be nice is anyone could help me? It seems like the scenery is always loading with rain effect on. Photos are done in clear skies Thanks.
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