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  1. Yup, Its part of my preflight checklist to make sure its not an Air france aircraft, if it is, I make sure not to fly over water. With the frames, I'm running it about 45FPS, so they are all good.
  2. I've included a photo of what an instance of this looks like. I did not touch any controls, there is no weather application connected or anything. The speed of the aircraft randomly went into the VNE, the nose decided to pitch up and begin climbing.
  3. Firstly, Apologies for opening a new topic on simply one issue i'm facing, I haven't been able to find this issue anywhere else and wasn't quite sure what to do. I recently updated my sim to P3DV4.5, and in doing so, I'm facing some issues with the A330. Firstly, when I get into cruise, everything seems perfectly fine, when all of a sudden, the aircraft will automatically switch to VS +0000 (taking it out of ALT) From here, the aircraft begins to slowly climb/decent and begins oscillating. The aircraft will also have random "jumps" where it looks like theres a weather update, where the aircraft adjusts for the new weather. When this occurs, the aircraft will have a nose down/up tendency and loose about 3-4 thousand feet, where it will then go into VS mode and either climb or decent further. I have turned off my weather app, disabled in sim weather and any other weather applications which may interfere with the aircraft, however these "jumps" continue to occur. This issue makes it impossible to do long haul flights in the aircraft, as when I enter cruise and go AFK for 10 minutes to make dinner or go on a run, I come back to find the aircraft is VS mode, stalling with a high nose attitude and 15,000 feet below its cruising altitude, which I left it a few minutes ago.
  4. Recently bought the AS A330, but whenever I takeoff, the PFD goes to Nav mode, but does not fly to the waypoints. The FMC is programme correctly, it just doesnt fly the route. I'm on version
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