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  1. Sweet! Well.. time to get MegaSceneryX SoCal.
  2. I was a beta tester for CorfuX and I still havn't received my free copy of the latest RTM version. This was released in 15 September now its the 2nd of November!
  3. I would overclock that CPU to 4ghz with a good air cooler.
  4. I've got FTX installed and had no problems with the mesh or anything with CorfuX. Even when Australia or North America was activated with FTXCentral.
  5. Yup. I'm on Windows7 64bit and on DX11. FSX runs fine. Just untick DX10 in FSX and you should be sweet.
  6. Make sure you disable DX10. I can confirm that DX10 is causing that line issue on the runway. When I switched to DX9 it disappeared. DX9 is reccomened for FSX as the DX10 feature is not finished. That's why it's a 'preview DX10'.
  7. Pretty good scenery and was awesome landing my NGX at CorfuX!
  8. There's no Orbx Alaska (yet) so yes it's compatible.
  9. 747-400 already made by PMDG A380 being made by Next Level Simulations.
  10. See this http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22924&page=6
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