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  1. GREAT! Now I can no more use the saitek panels with CRJ! Any news about LVAR bridge?? It still crashes the sim even before it starts up! As soon as I remove LVAR bridge from community...pufff! It works! VERY VERY FRUSTRATING! I spent money for my saitek panels and I can't even ust them! Please DEVS fix this annoying issue! THX!
  2. Thank you so much my friend! That worked like a charm! It's all perfect now! Happy flying all pilots! 😎 🛫
  3. Hi @A320pilot23 With your profile the 2 panels work perfecetly! Unfortunately I can't use your profile, because your profile causes a malfuntion of my saitek throttle quadrant. When I increase throttle lever left engine this causes my spoilers to extend! As soon as I remove your profile all comes back to normal! Do you know how can I fix this prob? Many thanks mate! Cheers, Riccardo F.
  4. Hi @SimWare, thank you for your answer, I've already done it, I checked the SPOILER AXIS assignment and it's correctly assigned to its lever. I also tried to disable all SPOILER AXIS/BUTTONS related to SPOILERS in all MSFS controllers settings (saitek yoke, saitek throttle quadrant, keyboard and mouse), but the problem persists! The most important thing I noticed is that if I increase only the right lever of my saitek throttle quadrant (the lever related to the right engine of CRJ) the spoiler lever stays in his position. Only when I moved the left lever (related to the l
  5. Hi all guys! I read all the discussion and I think this is the wright place to post my problem! I followed all the instructions to correctly set the throttle axis with my saitek throttle quadrant. but I have a BIG PROBLEM! When I increase throttle also the spoilers increase! As soon as I decrease throttle the spoilers do the same thing! I noticed this happens only with the left lever of my saitek throttle quadrant, while the right lever (regulating the right engine) works perfectly, without moving spoilers! I don't really understand what's the problem, this thin
  6. No, it's not! I follow the instruction and get it worked! See your self! Did you put the files in A319 Folder and add the lines to aircraft.cfg??
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