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  1. Hi Dave, Thank you for your quick reply. I'm referring to the thread Mathijs answered to: This one is nearly a year old and he said in December that he had "an idea why this (the engine sound) is not triggered". I mean, I'm not a software programmer, but I think it should be possible to put an idea into action within half a year. Even if the idea was a dead end, there was plenty of time to show your problem solving skills in order to find another solution. Not to sound harsh, but still the problem was reported the first time on August 20, 2018. Best wishes, Moritz
  2. Dear support team, I guess you're quite familiar with my issue. As many others before me mentioned in this forum, there are severe problems regarding the engine sounds of the A3XX Professional. The most significant one is the missing shut down sound. After shutting down the engines there's a squeaking and right after that the engines turn instantly quiet. However, I noticed an error when starting the engines as well. The starter is audible, but thereafter the engines' starting sound per se is missing. Only a stuttering sound at roughly 6 % is perceptible. The engine sound returns at about 20% (IAE). I already searched the forum regarding this, but the only answer was that you will try to fix it. Yet this was almost a year ago and we still haven't received an update. Please care about the issues of your customers properly, especially if they occur that often! Regards, Moritz Steurer
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