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  1. Hello, Herman closed by previous post, by saying TLV was not part of Aerosoft products...??! Anyway...is it compatible with P3D V4.2? I can understand that some stuff don’t work. But does the majority of it work?
  2. Hello, Is Tel Aviv’s latest version compatible with P3D V4.2? Some videos on YouTube show that some users are flying to/from TLV using a pretty decent scenery, on V4. Is it Aerosoft’s one? Thanks.
  3. Hello, Had the same question! How can we fly from VOR to VOR using PFPX? Can it give us inbound/outbound radial as well as distances? Thanks
  4. I was following their work closely, however some people were having problems with it. In the meantime, I posted here but Mathijs told me these avatars were not compatible with FSX. However, it seems these French devs made it work in FSX. Nevertheless, I am not the developer and won't post the link to it (just google Avatar FSX...there are not hundreds of them). Maybe they wanted to keep the testing available for members of that particular French forum? What if they have not finished testing? Bob is something completely different as it is considered to be a plane itself. Note: I never asked Aerosoft to make avatars for FSX. My second post was just to let Mathijs know that it was possible to get avatars in FSX (even though it is a 12 years old simulator).
  5. Maybe, but on another forum, some french devs made this avatar possible in FSX!
  6. I have got dislikes on lot of other posts. I can show you my notifications, I got more than 10 likes on that post (however, most probably as many dislikes as well). I don't care getting dislikes, I just wanted to say I am NOT the only one thinking that. Cheers
  7. To finish off this discussion, I would simply like to point out that I still received approximately 10 likes. Therefore, I was not the only (troll, as you say) thinking that. Sorry for the off topic and as Mr Mavros says, unnecessary discussion on this forum. Let's discuss A330, as that's Aerosoft's future aircraft.
  8. Sorry guys, I will again get dislikes but I have recently noticed Aerosoft team attacking (indirectly) FSL. I find this so unfair, specially for a company like Aerosoft (which is not very well placed with their product to attack FSL....). Aerosoft keeps saying failures are not realistic and that Aerosoft only simulates SOPs (which is, as per Aerosoft, very realistic). I am sorry, but A320 systems are completely wrong (the systems don't work how they should work during normal procedures). This makes Aerosoft's A320 not realistic at all (I am not even asking for failures....the systems in the bus during normal operations are completely wrong). Regarding CFD, Aerosoft considers it more important. I have flown Aerosoft a lot with a good friend using CFD: Lot of good time but also lot of frustration. We both live far from each other....CONN ERROR, basic features were not synced...etc. If a plane like Aerosoft A320, with simple systems, doesn't perfectly work using CFD, I can't imagine flying CFD in FSL. The A320X is a very complex aircraft and making cfd possible (perfectly) will require lot of work, I suppose. I assume FSL has other priorities right now, which are more important that CFD I have nothing against Aerosoft, just had a feeling of injustice regarding FSL, receiving some indirect attacks. Wishing you good luck on your A330 project, TheBusFlyer.
  9. Sorry Mathijs, with some intelligence, some french devs did it for free! Avatars are possible in FSX!
  10. Is there any chance to make this FSX compatible? I would love having it... I didn't find any other working Avatars for FSX.... Thanks!
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