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  1. I don't think threating or calling "not clever" (=stupid) people who used shared codes will make them buy original codes. I think it's better to say "look if you love it and don't buy it, we will have to stop working on it, so your favorite app will stop existing" But that's just my opinion
  2. That means you guys did that in other airports? Like Lisbon and Madrid?
  3. Hello there. More than one year has passed and the Marshall is still spanish... Can you please fix it in the next release? Thanks
  4. 818 downloads not even 1 thanks? Thanks
  5. The checklist even works on my modded Nintendo DS
  6. Yep, I am pretty sure I have all TAP textures for FSX, I love TAP
  7. You bet the guy speaking spanish in lusitanian lands sucks. Pedro could you send me the sounds please? I dont wanna wait for the next version
  8. Lisboa??? great...I cant wait for it. Obrigado
  9. Hi there.... I would like to know if install My Traffic X, do other add-ons like Live cockpit and Mega airports Frankfurt still work? Can i still play missions without any trouble? Thanks
  10. Cool... Madeira the Portuguese island. If you guys make it realistic is gonna be hard to land in Funchal, it is a very dangerous one
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