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  1. Aerosoft A330 out since more than two months... and no airberlin livery in sight? Is this airline already completely forgotten and buried?
  2. Thank you Mathijs! v. did it! only flew a short vfr-Trip, but - WOW - what an amazing plane in 3d! Thank you very much, for you & Aerosoft best wishes for 2020! Best regards from Bielefeld Klaus Rocholl
  3. ... Sorry - just watched in the updater: It’s v. - but don’t get any message that further updates are available.
  4. ... have done the update from Aerosoft updater - should be the 1.004. Best greetings Klaus
  5. Hi, and merry christmas! I´m first-second owner of your amazing Airbus A330 professional. Despite I´m far from having completely understood all it´s systems, I very much enjoy flying it in "normal" P3d environment. Since I´m Oculus user I was very curious if this plane would work as well as it´s small brethren - the A320 series which is flying beautifully when using the Rift with the FlyIsnide software. But the A330 has an issue I can´t neither explain nor fix: When startingit with FlyInside the engines will run up properly when turning the 'Aircraft State' to 'TAXI' oder 'TAKE OFF', and all systems are running up properly as well. But when pushing the throttles forward (ThrustMaster, FSUIPC - all settings are working fine with A320!) the throttle levers in the cockpit are moving properly, as are the indicators for thrust settings. Only issue: The engines are simply not running up and remain in idle. No such issue without oculus & FlyInside... all is working normal wihout any issue. Who can help?
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