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  1. Hi, I have just changed from Active Sky to REX Sky Force and Environment Force for my weather etc. The MCDU no longer updates the winds aloft when requested. It did it automatically with Active Sky. Is there a need to point it to the weather engine? Can you assist me please, as the weather on the ATIS is correct, but nothing shows on the MCDU. Thank you, Bill
  2. Totally agree. It will not install via the livery manager and Winzip cannot open it.
  3. Hi, I have Mega Airport Heathrow and London City installed in FSX. All the AIl traffic has almost disappeared. I get sounds, external lights and the aircraft labels, if selected, but no fuselage etc. I have Traffic X installed and have tried copying the aircraft from the Traffic X folder to the Sim Objects Aircraft folder, all to no avail. The problem only surfaced after the installation of Aerosoft's London City. Prior to that everything appeared normally. Can anyone help me please? Bill
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