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  1. Gayasim posting on facebook that he search people for modeling xplane, this was after the answer here on the forum. So this is why im ask on this date and time for an xplane version of brussels v2. i can receive a clearly yes or no here on the forum... Soo the answer that you linking is a little bit outdatet. I think before hitting people for use the search button, treath the question with respect. I follow this project many years ;-)
  2. Do you know im not asking a question to you? So little bit friendly please.. maybe Gayasim is actually making also a xplane version now? I thougt he had then a 'maybe' anwser. Im free to ask, and how are you to attack me?
  3. Okay, brussels is a bit emotional for many people. I'll keep that in mind!!
  4. I account for some of the community who think the same. And good to inform your customers they pay for the products. They do it anyway All you do, do it well end of discussion
  5. That's not news for Brussels alone .... I think most people have had a wait for news. The developer promised images .. after a few months nothing yet In 7 months we have seen 2 pictures. But there is a need for a solid scenery for our European capital Now with p3d v4 we still have no news. This is not meant to be negative because I know that this is a lot of work. But think of your customers who have been waiting for this project for a period of 4 years (!!). Please be more specific to us. regards
  6. The last image we got to see was suffered on December 5, 2016, it has now been two months ago (yes two!). I do not want anoying but you can at least give buyers something a little more info. You always say Brussels is a big project, but I think a lot of people feel that they are to be set aside for this project has been going on far too long. I hope that we receive as soon more info! Thank you
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