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  1. Well, I'm in Lukla. I need to read the manual, I haven't got it set up properly yet. But a big thank you to all at Aerosoft who pitched in to help me sort it out. 10/10 for customer service. TT
  2. Ok, I found Scenery in the Main folder so I will see if I can induce Simstarter to recognize it. TT
  3. Tantalizingly close Tom. Your suggestion worked and after several rounds of fisticuffs with Microsoft, who insisted I open a new User a/c with Microsoft fingerprints all over it, which was not my inclination, I was able to run the install. I did find that when I right clicked on setup.exe to 'Run as Administrator' & provided the Administrator password, nothing happened. However when I left clicked on setup.exe after that, the installation started & took my purchase code & ran happily right through to advising me that Lukla had been successfully installed. (I t
  4. I thought my PC might be running a blocker that was stopping setup.exe performing. However, I just downloaded & installed Aerosoft Trondheim-Vaernes V2 without any issues. I have a query re setup.exe files, there are 2 appearing. The first one is on the same page as the Setup folder & does produce an Aerosoft flash screen for about 5 seconds, then an error message about 10 seconds later. (1st & 2nd shots below) The other one, in the Setup folder, does nothing at the moment. (3rd shot below) Should there be 2 setup.exe , (application), files?? TT
  5. Andreas D/L new file & installed. It came through as per your earlier screen shots, the multiples have gone. However, unfortunately, setup.exe does not run. No response when I 'Run as Administrator" Screenshots below. I think I will d/load something such as an XPlane freeware & see if that installs in case my PC is the culprit. It will be later today as I have to head out. Will advise result. Thanks TT
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the effort Aerosoft is putting into helping me. TT
  7. This set is after right clicking on Zipped downloaded file, then left clicking thereafter. When I do setup.exe, 'Run as Administrator, nothing happens. Not sure if it is relevant, but when the zipped file is Extracting, it says '22 files to be copied" Thank you TT
  8. Ok Running Win10 Home Edition I will send screen shots in 2 posts. This 1st one is where I left click on the zipped folder & left clicked through what was showing. You can see the folders opening progression in the row under the menu item section. The next set will be after I right clicked on the zipped file. Thanks TT
  9. Otto I did a fresh download & no change in the outcome. I am still getting multiple folders with the same name. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with the file I am downloading. I purchased it yesterday from PC Aviator, (PCA) using Paypal. The Download link at PCA shows a File of 6,785,275,401 bytes The zipped download is 6,626,249 kb When I downloaded it into a new location and left clicked on the Zip file I got a folder "AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4" (I am assuming from your example above with the pointing hand tha
  10. Ok Thanks I will try that later this morning. Chores etc. TT
  11. Yes, unzipped it. This is my sequence: Downloaded zipped AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4. Zipped folder is 6,626,249 kb Unzipped the Download & I get a folder of the same name. (AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4) When I open that I get a folder of the same name. (AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4) When I open that I get another folder of the same name, (AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4), plus the Manuals in en & de. When I open the 'same name' folder I get a Setup folder, 4 licensing agreements & a Setup.exe file.
  12. Thank you for having a look at this. I had already run the setup.exe you refer to, but have gone back & reinstalled the program & run it again, but with no result, nothing coming up on screen. I can hear the drive running for about 10 seconds, then it tapers off. There wasn't the Aerosoft Flash Screen that came up when I ran Setup.exe from the Folder prior to the one you refer to. One clue might be that I had to re-install P3D about 6 months ago. I found that I also have had to reinstall a lot of scenery. I had the old Lukla but hadn't got to reinst
  13. I have had 2 attempts without success. Basic data: Running P3D v4.5.12.30293 Academic. OS: Win10 Home. Firewall & AV turned off. Downloaded zipped AS_Lukla-Mount-Everest-Extreme-P3DV4 folder is 6,626,249 kb It unzips & I get a folder of the same name. When I open that I get a folder of the same name. When I open that I get another folder of the same name, plus the Manuals in en & de. When I open the 'same name' folder I get a Setup folder, 4 licensing agreements & a Setup file. When I right click on the Set up file, (735kb), &a
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