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  1. HI i remembered that in the preview forum there was a option like a2a does with headset on to reduce noise. Does the crj has this now on release?
  2. I really feel like a beta tester and for a 50$ plane it just lags to many features.and bugs.. The sounds are really bad.. not a really good startup sound, no shutdown sound from apu Ground handling is just poor and is i think just using the normal p3d code. No realstic engine startup... I have flown the rnav 13 approuach from palm spring, the lnav just stops working and doenst follow path... The cockpit also lags in texture quality... especially night textures I also have a magic throttle that keeps sweeping with power. I calibatred and have no problem on other planes, like tfdi, pmdg and majestic. I also landed and the seatbelt audio from the FA just repeats itself over and over... I really hope that the sounds will improve, and lnav will be fixed correclty Just try this route KEGE SID EKR J100 BCE J11 CORKR Q35 DRK J6 EED STAR KPSP and starr rnav 13 trans SBONO
  3. I know it is off topic but is aerosoft making some sort of orbx direct, or pmdg oc, or tfdi manager where updates are over the air? So no need to make a installer and test it again
  4. Nice, hope that night textures also get a update, those are really bad in the old version
  5. The best solution is just to make some sode jetways. and use airportcontroller for the textures.
  6. Also when using configurator and just click apple i get this error. I use prepar3d and have uninstalled and deleted airportcontroller foler and prague folder, and installed it again but still nog succes. Jetways and the vdgs are not working.
  7. Oke i now have the fix. still have to test a flight from another airport, but the gates dont work, and i have run the .bat file
  8. I landed on praque but no jetways? and apcontroller is running? using 1.05
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