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  1. Looks good now, the vnav path indicator (or wathever the green dot is called ) still drops sometimes, but the bus not dive afterwards anymore. Thank you very much!
  2. Sounds promising - thank you very much!
  3. With the new version something was done about this problem? Or should I try a new flight with the same conditions? BR
  4. Update - looks like the same problem as here here here here and here Same issue - but in my case I use the newest release So it looks like the error isnt fixed and im not the only wone (Im glad that im not the only one) Maybe we can put together these threads? BR
  5. Ok, I decided to finish that flight and as above, the decent startet fine - BUT... after GM453 (CST A9000ft) and between the next waypoint TITLA (CST A5000ft) the plane again goes into the "nosedive". I uploaded everything (Logs and step by step screenshots) into my cloud https://cloud.humpeler.at/index.php/s/B5LJGoAjWNcArqe You can view the data directly inside the link. Flightplan and other infos: EDDM -> ENGM EDDM DCT ANKER Y104 MAMOR DCT OKG DCT RAPET DCT TADUV DCT BUREL DCT BUMIL DCT ROSOK Q296 MONAK DCT ERNOV N15 NEGIL DCT XENTA DCT LUNIP ENGM Star: LUNI4M Transition: TITLA RW: 19-R ILS Airac 1901 by Navigraph I started the DES 19nm before. -1000fpm until catching the VNAV path. This time switchover to DES mode works fine. Everything wents well until GM453 -> TITLA (The Point where you need to decent from 9000 to 5000, the VNAV path indicator suddenly drops down and the plane dives afterwards) No weather used (Clear Sky) Fuel, loading etc. you can see in the screenshots. Airbus version is used the A319-112 CFM (Lufthansa Newfleet D-AIBA) model for this flight As above -> completly new installed PC, P3D 4.4, all setups re-downloaded to make sure no file has a problem... PC: i78700k (12 logical cores) 16GB Ram, GTX1080, Windows 10 x64 1809 Build 17763.253, latest Update 01-2019 installed, NVidia driver 417.35 (If that all matters...) Please let me know if you need more informations!
  6. Thats crazy - this time it worked. Same route, same settings, same everything - with the exception of 2 things. I manualy entered the flight plan, instead of loading it from ProATC-X and I started the decent later (19nm before calculated) - Maybe this does the trick? Is there a minimum distance before T/D where the decent works correctly? The flightplan looks 100% the same (ProATC-X and manualy entered). So I think the distance could be the miracle?
  7. Thanks for your reply - ok, I do that tonight with logging and send in all the infos here... stand by
  8. I experience these dives when I start a decent from level flight (f.e. FL350) before the T/D point. As it is in your sim, the plane should start with -1000 fpm untli reaching the VNAV path. But in my case it goes directly down to -6500 until -8000, overspeeding and not switching over from CRZ to DES mode. I allways start the desent before calculated T/D with the new bus, because the calculation is too close to the goal. But that would be fine, if there wasn´t that decent bug... The curious thing is, the first flight after reinstalled the whole PC worked like it should. Then I installed the PMDG 747. Then the second bus flight was not ok (other flight plan and star, but the flightplan and FMC was just perfectly tuned). Meanwhile I know exactly how to set up this plane. And I used the internal checklist with copilot on too - and it worked until the Info message "initiate decent" - so im realy sure that is not a operator error here. If you want (or if someone not beleve me ) , I can make a video of all flight stages and fmc pages...
  9. On my installation, I think it is just a bug with the switch over from CRZ to DES. As I wrote, the plane does not switch over to DES mode but stay in CRZ and go steeply down. Even when Im ~20nm before T/D. I would expect the plane to go into DES mode and then sink with -1000 until the VNAV path is reached. Then follow the VNAV. Even a FL change in CRZ to a lower FL should not be that steep. The real reason for that behaviour are cosmic rays over some customers houses. So... as a developer I would make a workaround in my code at that point. - when <40nm before calculated T/D or behind T/D or checklist on "initiate desent" and Autopilot Alt button is pressed, then force DES Mode. - when before T/D -> max desent rate -1000 in managed mode. Im sure it isnt that easy, but maybe that would be a thinking approach?
  10. A little extra Info to the Error Report above: Used the CFM Model A319 Lufthansa neue Flotte. AIRAC 1901 by Navigraph Prepar3d v4.4 - fresh and complete installation. PC also fresh installed - see posts above. Windows x64 1809, latest Windows Update 01\2019 Latest NVidia drivers. On the next flight I take some screenshots of all Displays and FMC Pages... Please let me know if you need more infos.
  11. ok, error is back after installing the pmdg 747 - maybe thats the problem? But maybe its because the other route or because it is my second flight... I dont know. Oh, im already on the, not as I wrote above. Error description: - Complete Route: EDDM DCT ANKER Y104 MAMOR DCT OKG DCT RAPET DCT TADUV DCT BUREL DCT BUMIL DCT ROSOK Q296 MONAK DCT ERNOV N15 NEGIL DCT XENTA DCT LUNIP ENGM - Airport EDGM - TITLA (Transition) LUNI4M (Star) ILS19R - I finished the checklist "Desent" with Copilot on. Just before the waypoint DEGAV (Its the point before NEGIL) - Updated the weather - Infobar tells me to initiate the desent. - So far everything looks ok, trible check all FMC data... - I dial in the new altitude and press the button after DEGAV and before NEGIL (before the calculated T/D, because it is a way to close to whats possible) - Plane stays on CRZ instead of switching over to DES and goes deep down to a- 6400 sinkrate. - The normaly "Initiating desent" I didn't hear.
  12. Okay, that leaves me no peace. I have reinstalled the complete PC over the night. New Windows Build, new graphic card drivers, all updates. I even downloaded all P3D and addon installers just to exclude all errors. What should I say, worked. works now. (I did not try the beta) Addons are installed: Orbx (everything), AS+ASCA, GSX Level2, ProATC-X, PTA, Mesh and Navigraph Data 1901. So these addons fall out. I will install the remaining addons (airports and other planes) in the next days. If it doesn't work then we at least have another approach, or if it still works the solution is "reinstall your PC",,, By the way, I still find the VNAV calculation too extreme. The calculated TOD is so close that -4000ft must be kept what means spoilers all the time. That cant be real, somtimes ok, but I never see that in real live. But at least you can start the descent now before the T/D and it sinks with -1000 until it reaches the VNAV path again. Then it goes steeply downhill... For the test flight I did the step by step flight and followed the instructions exactly + weather updated before takeoff and before the T/D.
  13. Ok, with the it completly went wrong. The fuel calculation shows some negative values and a T/D will no be calculated. Also the speeds in the star goes completly wrong and the vApp Speed is also negative. I do the FMC preparation like in your tutorial and double check the load, that the loading goes right, and all FMC pages... (not that I haven't done it a hundred times with the old version) I have absolutely no problem with any other plane, not CTD, no stutters, fresh installation. I cant imagine that my system is the problem... I mean, im doing this for years now. I know what im doing. So I stop this experiment right now. Is there a way to refund the plane?
  14. Hi Dave, thanks for your help! I just updated to and I will do a test flight tonight (I take the step by step tutorial flight) - and Im looking carefully that I do everything right, step by step, update the weather and so on. I report back. BR, Mathias
  15. I just read all of the other VNAV post in the forum. Looks like im not the only one. I follow the other threads and try a few more things. If it not works, the plane will stay in my hangar... Shit happens. If you want, you could delete this thread.
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