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  1. I guess I should have made myself more clear. Whether I have a checklist in that specific profile or not is irrelevant because the checklist is not working for all profiles and I have 3 of them. And each one has a checklist. Nevertheless, here is the requested screenshot.
  2. When I first installed SimStarter NG, the SimStart Checklist was working fine. But since the last revision, it hasn't worked. The checkbox is checked and there are items in the list. When I start a profile, it goes directly to the RunSet and skips the checklist.
  3. Ok, your suggestion above worked for the "Show Scenario Startup Screen" issue, but not for the "Use System Time for Default Scenario". As you can see in the image, the date is May 30 when it should be May 23. Once I run the SimStarter profile, that option becomes unchecked in P3D. So, we have half the problem solved. Also, if I have "Configure Active Sky" and "Autorun Active Sky" options checked, shouldn't the Weather section of the P3D Scenario screen be automatically set to "ActiveSky weather theme" instead of "fair weather"?
  4. If by "Flight Control Center" you mean P3D Scenario > Options, I did that. I did set them both several times. But every time I launch the SimStarter profile, they become unchecked again. Please help.
  5. I have "Use system time for default Scenario" and "Show Scenario Startup Screen" checked in the SimConfigSet (see attached image). Actually the latter is greyed out and cannot be changed but it's checked nevertheless. But when I launch a SimStarter profile, it ignores both items and goes directly to the default scenario (F22 on the runway). What am I doing wrong?
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