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  1. Hello, I was wondering if any of you on here are into creating repaints. If so, i was wondering if someone can create repaints for the 18th Aggressor Squadron of Eielson AFB for the following aircraft: F-16C 120-9-370 with an Arctic Flanker paint scheme of the wing commander's aircraft 86-0314 (354 FW); F-16 120-9-370 with a Blue Flanker paint scheme of the ops group commander's aircraft 86-0335 (354 OG); and lastly F-16C 120-9-370 with the Flogger paint scheme of the 11th Air force Commander's aircraft 86-0310 (11 AF). It would also be much appreciated if one of the wingtip missiles to be converted into one of the training pods that are typically carried by USAF Aggressor Aircraft.
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