We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. First if all, I want to state that I'm in love with the sceneries of Aerosoft. They are really high-detailed and that is what i just want from the payware sceneries. As you know one of the world's biggest airport was just opened in 29 October 2018. To sum up, just because of these whole reasons I want Aerosoft to bring this massive airport to the simulation world. Bringing the world's largest airport to our simulation world must be a good idea, ha? 🙂 Regards, Emir Impramoglou
  2. I downloaded it and it didn't work on my pc. It has no reflections and it has a black vc.
  3. I did it but half of the airplane has got a reflection problem on my pc. It goes black or white when I turn the camera. How can I fix it?
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