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  1. Nope defiantly no dme arc on ILS15. Defiantly a strange one. No idea if this issue is just my end or if it's reciprocated for everybody else ??
  2. Okay, I've just reproduced my flight. In mid flight, head over to departure tab, click arrival BHX. As soon as I press ILS15 that's when everything freezes. Going to test this theory with 2 different airports to see if i still get the same result. I've included a screenshot this time of my fps counter with WASM enabled. Edit: Just done a flight from EGCC-EKCH, zero issues when following the step I did above. However when i entered EGBB as ALTN and tried to program ILS15 arrival, that is where everything crashes. Not sure what it doesn't like about Birmingham, but glad it's not an i
  3. Correct! I followed said instruction prior to commenting. Could see no error, though I could be mistaken. Happened exactly the same way as hthjones13. Running latest version of MSFS. Will test once more and report back (with screenshot).
  4. I too am also experiencing this problem the same as hthjones13 and i am currently running version Issue occurred on initial release as well.
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