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  1. unfortunately, I also fight with the same 'phenomenon' ...as soon as the fps is just under 15 (and even if it's just a fraction of a second), the Airbus hops around like crazy and is completely uncontrollable !!I've never ever seen such a behavior on any another high-end plane ...In this condition, this aircraft is unfortunately completely useless for me(and obviously not just for me) ... is there any solution to make this plane usable ? any ideas, workaround ? greetings ggerolamo
  2. Wow, Thanks a lot !!!! 🙂 It works great ! Jetzt hab ich's 'gecheckt' 😉 Herzlichen Dank für den schnellen und tollen support ! greetings ggerolamo
  3. In this case I have to wait for the video 😉 I know the manual, I manage all the add-ons with SIMstarter NG - and all works perfect, but not the copy of world\scenery files... (btw I see no description of this copy function in manual chapter thanks for your help I'm looking forward to the video 🙂 greetings ggerolamo
  4. Sorry, but I don't get it ! 😉 What do you mean with : --using "Categories from directory" ? If I have a Addon with only a ...scenery\world\scenery\ directory I have to create an empty scenery\world\texture directory to get it being copied to the sim directory ? I'm really confused 😉 greetings ggerolamo
  5. Hello Peter, In the last 'SIMstarter NG Release Notes' I read the following remarkable change: [FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Import from directory detects file in "sceneryWorld" subfolder ("scenery" and "texture") and copy them automaticly to \Scenery\World\Scenery & Texture This really is a long-awaited feature to handle the 'world sceneries' even better! But in this respect I have a question of understanding: How should this feature work, or what should I do that the files get copied - and when? What should I do in the add-on manager to get the files copied to the p3d-directory? (re)importing an existing add-on.xml ? adding a new category in an existing add-on.xml ? At which action (trigger) the files will be copied ? I have not really made it yet! 😉 Any help is welcome greetings ggerolamo
  6. Unfortunately, I am still unable to create a flight plan for the Majestic Q400 - one of the most ingenious planes ever developed ! 😞 Or did I miss something ? greetings ggerolamo
  7. Meinte ( wie im subject beschrieben) : Tools --> 'Flughafenliste aktualisieren' (MakeRwys.exe) --PROBLEM GELÖST-- !! Habe den Fehler gedunden !! :-) ...war ein 'schräger Eintrag' in der scenery.cfg... Herzlichen Dank für die Rückmeldung Gerolamo
  8. Schönen guten Abend, beim Neu-Einlesen der Szenerien bekomme ich leider seit Neuestem immer eine Fehlermeldung mit anschließendem Absturz von SIMstarter: Fehlende Infos stelle ich natürlich gerne zur Verfügung ;-) Dank im voraus Gerolamo
  9. PFPX can not handle historic weather !! Thats the reason why I use ActiveSky in PFPX....
  10. Thats an absolute NO-GO !! Not to have the possibility to save correctly a flight prevents me even more from using this plane :-( the whole thing is unfortunately still a disaster... ...I hope you can use this plane someday ! hope never ends ggerolamo
  11. That would be very cool to implement something like 'copy and paste' those entries ! I'm looking forward to such a feature ;-) greetings Gerolamo
  12. Hi to all, Is it possible in some way to copy different runlist-entries from one runlist-config-set to another ? What is the easiest and fastest way to add a new program to several existing runlists ? greetings Gerolamo
  13. Yes, 1603 is the latest download version !
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