We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. Wow, kann's kaum erwarten 🙂
  2. Dankeschön, für dieses Tool und deinen immer prompten Support 🙂 ...und ausserdem freu ich mich auch schon darauf 😉 lg ggerolamo
  3. Kurze Erklärung mit Beispiel: Ausgangslage Dann klick ich auf --> Eintrag ändern ...nehme den Haken bei 'Active' weg... ...Drücke OK.. Dann schaut's bei mir so aus: ...hoffe, du siehst , was ich meine 🙂 lg ggerolamo
  4. Na du bist aber schnell... 😉
  5. Hallo Peter, Erstmals herzlichen Dank für die neue Version, kann ohne dieses tolle Tool gar nichts mehr anfangen 🙂 Installation war super-einfach, habe das data Verzeichnis der 4.5 version ins neue Verzeichnis kopiert und ein Neues v5 Verzeichnis wurde erstellt - Alles klappt ohne Probleme ! Das neue Feature 'File Monitor' finde ich wirklich genial, musste bisher dafür immer externe tools verwenden... Auch die Idee mit dem 'Discovery path' finde ich sehr praktisch - habe aber damit leider ein Problem: Neuer Pfad lässt sich leider nicht anlegen (nur wenn bereits ein anderer Pfad vorhanden ist) und beim Editieren (aktiv - inaktiv setzten) und Speichern des Pfades spielt das Programm leider ein wenig verrückt: ...ein bereits bestehender Pfad wird dann dupliziert und in der 'add-ons.cfg' sofort verändert und gespeichert und der eigentliche Pfad wird gelöscht !? Lässt sich beliebig nachvollziehen.... lg ggerolamo
  6. Yes, manual installation is my favorite... 😉 Works perfectly now, thanks! Great little airplane with a lot of love to the detail ! ...very interesting, which is (was) actually my problem... regards ggerolamo
  7. Many thanks for this installer ! But you need the 'Microsoft Flightsimulator'!? If I enter a path to p3dv4 or p3dv5 the message appears: '...Microsoft Flight Simulator not found...'! regards ggerolamo
  8. My system should be more than sufficient for everything that has to do with flight simulation - as I said, otherwise everything works perfectly... My specs: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, RAM 32 GB If I'm the only one it doesn't work for, then I'll just have to live with it... 😉 greetings ggerolamo
  9. This is really quite amazing !? I tried it with version 4.5 and version 5 - the same everywhere ... ...everywhere the same bad performance compared to all other airplanes (also big calibres like maddog x,...) - hmm... something is wrong there... Maybe some system setting on my part, that doesn't fit the little machine !? I still have to figure it out somehow... greetings ggerolamo
  10. Cool Plane, but an absolute frame killer !! 😞 How can such a small plane eat so many frames ?
  11. Yes, it's a good thing that everyone can decide for himself whether he likes it or not ! Unfortunately I personally have a complete dislike for such subscription software.... I know for sure that I won't be able to use it all the time (month for month), because I also have other things to do 😉 Therefore I prefer one-time payments - without expiration date.... In this case I can only hope for the 'December version' ... so no offense, only my opinion greetings ggerolamo
  12. With horror I have discovered the usage costs on the homepage !! these subscription costs are completely nonsensical and excessive ! Excuse me, but I am really perplexed... I really want to know which reasonable person will get involved in such a rip-off...
  13. unfortunately, I also fight with the same 'phenomenon' ...as soon as the fps is just under 15 (and even if it's just a fraction of a second), the Airbus hops around like crazy and is completely uncontrollable !!I've never ever seen such a behavior on any another high-end plane ...In this condition, this aircraft is unfortunately completely useless for me(and obviously not just for me) ... is there any solution to make this plane usable ? any ideas, workaround ? greetings ggerolamo
  14. Wow, Thanks a lot !!!! 🙂 It works great ! Jetzt hab ich's 'gecheckt' 😉 Herzlichen Dank für den schnellen und tollen support ! greetings ggerolamo
  15. In this case I have to wait for the video 😉 I know the manual, I manage all the add-ons with SIMstarter NG - and all works perfect, but not the copy of world\scenery files... (btw I see no description of this copy function in manual chapter thanks for your help I'm looking forward to the video 🙂 greetings ggerolamo
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