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  1. Hi, That is a well-known issue that Rolf has taken care of. The upcoming experimental update v1.0.0.9 should solve it. See here: A330-Engine-Start-Checklists-Pushback Cheers Reccio
  2. Hello Rolf, Sorry to make you work on a Sunday, but I agree with Dron960. The issue is not with the [START Pushback] procedure but with the [START] check list process [without PushBack]. In previous versions, after starting the engines the [AFTER START] check list was automatically started whereas in v1.0.0.8 everything remains frozen. I remind that many parking positions don't require pushback. Regards Reccio
  3. Hello, Looks like there's no ink left in the printer: Not very useful for data entry : Reccio
  4. Hello, A330 Pro v1.0.0.8 P3DV4.5 HF2 I would just like to point out 2 issues that did not occur with the previous version.. 2 points that may be linked: 1- The menu check list [Co pilot] ON and OFF status appear grayed out and then the OFF status lights up green as soon as you command the [Pilot] Check list: 2- This issue occurs only if I select the [START] process instead of the [START Pusback] process. The [START] process proceeds normally and then stops and does not switch to the [AFTER Start] process. Strange thing if I go back and I select the [START Pushback] process then both [START] and [START Pushback ] start jointly with a real acoustic "cacophony" in the cockpit but then everything is OK with the [AFTER START] process : Reccio
  5. Hello, I only hope you don't have to ask MS not to fly your future aircraft unless the weather is in good conditions. Cheers Reccio
  6. Dave Thank you for this useful information. The advice of an expert like Karlene Petitt is important. Especially about the A330: "If you attempt to slow this plane then think you're going to capture the glideslope, it won't happen." And it's true that the A330 is reputed by pilots to be difficult to slow down. It also appears to me that A330 pilots seem to be using speed brakes more often than on other Airbus series. as can be seen in this excellent video on timing [07:55] : [Airbus A330 - Approach and Landing in Miami] So I did another flight like the previous one but this time with Active sky live weather set to default settings. Still with the autothrottle activated, during the final phase I used the speed brakes as soon as the target speed was exceeded or not reached. The result is really impressive ! However, I would be curious to know if speed brake is used as much during approach by A330 pilots. Reccio
  7. P3DV4.5HF2 A 333 v1.0.0.7 Hi, I used the Active sky settings [Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1.CFG] from the Aerosoft support provided in another post : [Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1.CFG] I only added an option : General options /Prevent downloads on approach = True Then I performed with A333 pro an approach and Landing flight to LFPO ILS runway 06 with Active sky live weather engine. The landing is carried out in full A/P1+A/P2 in order to check the autotothrottle system. This time I found that the autothrottle worked much better than during my previous flights and especially in a more regulated way. The approach phase is perfect. However, it is still difficult to get down to the target speeds, especially in the final stage. If you are interested I've recorded a video flight on my Twitch account that might be more helpful. But I don't know if I'm allowed to publish this link here. Reccio
  8. I'm sorry for you Robert, but the main thing is to be able to fly again ! One last suggestion, though : Keep in mind that even these previous P3D scenarios recorded in the previous version A1x-A32x can generate CTD. At least for me it was. These scenarios are in User\Documents\[Prepar3D Files] These are at least 5 files per scenario with extension [.abx] [.asc] [.fms] [.fxml] [.wx] Reccio
  9. Hello Robert, For me it wasn't a workaround but a very simple fix: Have a look on this path: C:\USERNAME\ AppData\ Roaming\ Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4 \SimObjects If you see folders named like this below : Aerosoft A32x IAE or CFM Professional Aerosoft A31x IAE or CFM Professional and in which there is a [State.cfg] file then delete those folders that contain it. Make a backup if it reassures you but there is no risk. You can keep the other folders that are empty. Of course, don't delete the folders that don't refer to the AirbusA31x-32x series. Reccio
  10. Self-correction : In fact the autothrottle of my A330 works perfectly in all steps of flight including approach and landing on one condition: That there is no weather engine applied except a P3DV4 weather theme. If I apply Active Sky P4 live weather or the IVAO Network live weather engine then the autothrottle behaves as I indicated in my previous post. That does not happen with the A320-21. Cheers Reccio
  11. A320-21 Pro v1.3.0.1 A330 Pro ev P3DV4.5hf2 Personally I feel that the FBW of the A330 is now very close to perfection. On the other hand I have serious troubles with its auto-throttle: In the take off phase, cruising flight, descent, everything is ok. But the approach and landing phase in auto-throttle have become unmanageable (compared to the A320-21 which are perfectly managed with auto-throttle). In summary here is what happens during the approach and landing phase : Suddenly the approach speed is very high and then, conversely, in the final phase, the speed drops inexorably below the target speed. This happens regardless of the airport and weather conditions. To ensure that everything goes correctly I have to deactivate the auto-throttle already on the approach phase. I don't know if I'm the only one concerned by this issue but once again the auto-throttle of the A320-21 works perfectly in exactly the same conditions. Cheers Reccio
  12. Especially thanks to you Gary since you had found the cause of the problem all by yourself. Reccio
  13. Today v released by AS Updater v1.4.0.0 to fix ASC.dll issue
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