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  1. Hello Robert, For me it wasn't a workaround but a very simple fix: Have a look on this path: C:\USERNAME\ AppData\ Roaming\ Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4 \SimObjects If you see folders named like this below : Aerosoft A32x IAE or CFM Professional Aerosoft A31x IAE or CFM Professional and in which there is a [State.cfg] file then delete those folders that contain it. Make a backup if it reassures you but there is no risk. You can keep the other folders that are empty. Of course, don't delete the folders that don't refer to the AirbusA31x-32x series. Reccio
  2. Self-correction : In fact the autothrottle of my A330 works perfectly in all steps of flight including approach and landing on one condition: That there is no weather engine applied except a P3DV4 weather theme. If I apply Active Sky P4 live weather or the IVAO Network live weather engine then the autothrottle behaves as I indicated in my previous post. That does not happen with the A320-21. Cheers Reccio
  3. A320-21 Pro v1.3.0.1 A330 Pro ev P3DV4.5hf2 Personally I feel that the FBW of the A330 is now very close to perfection. On the other hand I have serious troubles with its auto-throttle: In the take off phase, cruising flight, descent, everything is ok. But the approach and landing phase in auto-throttle have become unmanageable (compared to the A320-21 which are perfectly managed with auto-throttle). In summary here is what happens during the approach and landing phase : Suddenly the approach speed is very high and then, conversely, in the final phase, the speed drops inexorably below the target speed. This happens regardless of the airport and weather conditions. To ensure that everything goes correctly I have to deactivate the auto-throttle already on the approach phase. I don't know if I'm the only one concerned by this issue but once again the auto-throttle of the A320-21 works perfectly in exactly the same conditions. Cheers Reccio
  4. Especially thanks to you Gary since you had found the cause of the problem all by yourself. Reccio
  5. Today v released by AS Updater v1.4.0.0 to fix ASC.dll issue
  6. In relation to the issue under review here, let me point out that partial or full reinstallation of P3DV4 : 1- Was completely useless 2- And anyway would not have solved anything without having deleted the installation files of A318-21 previous version. Cheers Reccio
  7. The update of the Airbus A318- ->21 pro series is a Standard version. The Aerosoft updater utility, which is really useful, allows you to quickly install "Experimental" versions of an Aerosoft product for users who wish to test these versions during development (a bit like beta testing). For example currently the A330 pro is released in standard version and its latest experimental version is v As for the issues of A318- ->A321 series standard version , it seems to affect a small part of the users of which I unfortunately was one. But as I reported in my previous post my A320-21 v version now works perfectly and even with the experimental version of the A330 installed with P3DV4.5-HF2. So I think that the search track of the A3xx [state.cfg] files kept by the previous A3xx version is a good track since it totally solved my issue with Mopperle's help .@mopperle However, I continue to check that this solution is stable in particular by regularly placing the Airbus aircraft as default aircraft in P3DV4.
  8. I remember that these were indeed the folders still remaining in : C:\USERNAME\ AppData\ Roaming\ Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4 \SimObjects These folders were named: Aerosoft A32x CFM Professional Aerosoft A32x IAE Professional Aerosoft A333 RR Professional These folders contained, as you pointed out, [state.cfg] file. Unfortunately like an idiot I forgot to make a backup before deleting them. That said, the difference between your configuration and mine is that you uninstalled all your buses and installed the new versions that worked without any problem. I did that too, but since it didn't work (and I'm not the only one apparently) I'm now in a situation of full reinstallation of P3DV4.5HF2. Thus as P3DV4 is working normally again I have just started the installation of a single aircraft, the A320-21 pro v1.3.0.0, as a precautionary measure. I'm at the step where it's installed (without RAASPRO). I have started P3DV4 and A321 with Airbus Industries liveries loaded with Eglin ruway 19 scenario. It works fine ! If P3DV4 had been working normally from the start then I would say it was my previous installation or configuration of P3DV4 which was wrong, but as it could only be done by deleting these files I still have serious doubts. This is the reason why at the time of this new installation I record gradually all the files created or modified during this installation. I am at the step where the Aerosoft A321 CFM Professional folder has been created and it contains the file [ state.cfg]. I specify that I still have by default the F22 aircraft and the Eglin runway 19 scenario. So I continue this installation by putting the A321 as default aircraft. Thanks for your help
  9. I full agree so, But as I have been installing the A320-21 and A330 together since the beginning, I preferred to stay on this basis of investigation. What is sure is that the problem exists with at least the A3xx pro v I'll check if the A330 ev installed alone doesn't also cause this issue. And the reason why P3DV4 crashed again while I had no Airbus Aircraft installed: I realized that I had uninstalled all the Aircraft addons but I had completely forgotten to delete some confguration files of A320-21 and A330 still present in path : C:\.... \ User\ AppData\ Local \Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4 and : C:\ ....\User\ AppData\Roaming\ Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4 This shows that a simple file (when the installation folder no longer exists) succeeds to cause the crash of P3DV4. Once these residual files were deleted P3DV4 worked quite normally with the default aircraft F22 and the default Eglin scenery. I think that the Aerosoft support team now have enough to fix this issue which, again,is in my opinion not as serious as it seems. And I can't wait to fly those two wonderful addons again. Reccio
  10. I'm sorry, but I must disagree completely with this assessment. First of all because most of Airbus pro users have been running P3DV4.5HF2 for a long time and I notably with Airbus A320-21 pro v + A330 pro which were loading perfectly from the beginning. The standard and experimental versions that followed are only there to improve and update these 2 versions. The problem occurred only after the almost simultaneous updates of A3xx v and A330 ev and their joint installation in P3DV4.5HF2. The usual actions to delete the shaders, reset the P3D.cfg, update the graphic card driver, repair or update MS.Net Framework, update MS-Visual Studio C++, and so on are only useful for a global malfunction of P3DV4. Here it is not the case at all. The issue is in my opinion much less serious: P3DV4.5HF2 doesn't detect Airbus Aircraft when installed in A32x v1300 and A330 ve 1006 and therefore can't load any scenario with these aicrafts anymore. This situation invariably leads to the P3DV4 crash. I just found out the evidence despite myself.: I've decided to do a complete reinstallation of P3DV4.5HF2. So I also removed all the aircrafts addons or sceneries. Then reinstallation and even reactivation by setup v of P3DV4.5HF2 without any aircraft or scenery addon Launching P3DV4 which opens normally with its startup window. And there big surprise the default aircraft F22 doesn't appear but the default Eglin scenery is clearly displayed. Then comes the crash of P3DV4 exactly as when Airbus v1300 and v 1006 were installed. Isn't that strange? I'll stop here and if you're interested you'll know why P3DV4 crashed again without Airbus aircraft installed.
  11. Hi, I faced a similar problem after updating the A320-21 vs 1300 and the A330 v exp. 1006 : In p3DV4 when I selected the A330 aircraft it appeared fine with its livery in the preview window. But as soon as I started loading it, it disappeared from the window with a "No Preview available" message: followed by the immediate crash of P3DV4. I did again uninstall-install A320-21 + A330 with reboot but each time without success. Then after a day's investigation I finally solved my issue: 1- Uninstall A320-21 and A330 2-As you know the P3DV4 default scenario is in these two files : [Prepar3D_Default.fxml] and [Prepar3D_Default.wx] Path C:\User\AppData\ Local\Lockheed Martin \Prepar3D v4\ -So I deleted these 2 files 3-I also deleted in ...\my Documents\[ Prepar3D v4 Files] any files related to the A320-21 and A330 (of course made a backup). 4-Then P3DV4 automatically created the default scenario (F22 at Eglin) . 5-I reinstalled the latest versions of A320-21 and A330 And everything was okay. Hope this helps
  12. Hi, Fuel planner A320 & A33O and update ! A330 Experimental released A318/319/320/321 available
  13. Hi, I'm also interested in looking for those fin or tail numbers. As you mentioned [Scotth6] Air Canada may be the only company that provides free tail numbers for their entire air fleet. But it seems to me that it's not as easy for the other companies even if you have like me a "Silver" account on FligntRadar24. However, on this excellent website it is specified that even the "Basic" freeware account can have access to the tail number of each aircraft. So I did an experiment under my "Silver" account by taking as example an Air Canada B789 aircraft which I knew its tail number [858 ](thanks to Air Canada). Luckily, during my Fliht Radar session the Air Canada 789 Dreamliner registered C-FVND was in flight. Here is the information provided for this aircraft on FligntRadar24: You can actually see : Air craft type (B789) registration number C-FVND serial number(MSN) 38361 Icao 24 bit adresse CO38CA Squawk 6333 But nothing on the Tail number [858] And this applies to all other airlines' aircraft. So I think this quest for the Tail number is much more difficult than it seems (Except for Air Canada). Cheers,
  14. Hello, I have the same problem with version 1240 with A320 and A321. I noticed that this only happens when the VOR is part of a multiple frequency list. The MCDU is unable to register it. But if it is a single VOR with single frequency then the MCDU records it and displays it without problem as usual. Would you know if the fix will soon be produced because it is alternatively impossible to use VOR frequency to program the [FIX INFO] page ? Thanks for your help Reccio
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