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  1. The current profiles for the CRJ are excellent. I would like to bind a button (on the Alpha) to toggle the VNAV switch on the console. It seems like it needs more than one variable. Has any one determined the variables and values needed? Thanks!
  2. I have been unable to setup the throttles on my BTQ. Using the P3D axis assignment and calibration (FSUIPC tried also) results in the throttles not moving or responding. Using the Throttle calibration tool in CRJ pegs high/low after first motion, and then does not respond at all. CRJ has to be reloaded. MS tools shows nominal operations of the axes. Other aircraft throttles behave as expected. I've exhaustedly tried all configuration combinations in CRJ, FSUIPC, and P3D. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm installing a Bravo on P3DV5 PMDG 737NGXu. I'm using theAFC_Yoke_Config_PMDG_NGX(u).json and BFC_Throttle_Config_PMDG_NGX(u).json configuration files. Everything installed properly and seems to be working with two exceptions. When pressing the NAV button, it activates the LOC/VOR button in the cockpit, lights up the button, and changes the view as if I were pressing the S key. The AUTOPILOT works as well, but causes the landing gear to cycle. I have tried removing the command in the configurator, the the unwanted behavior is still there. I'm only using FSUIPC for the axes
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