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  1. ‘‘Twas funny as the installer pointed to the root folder, as in the past, but did not install it correctly. I have never installed any sceneries as administrator.
  2. Thanks. Actually thinking now, the airport did not auto install for some reason. I had to “add area”. I don’t think it’s installed correctly. What do you think? I moved the scenery myself to the top.
  3. I have ORBX England installed and the grass textures cover the whole af the airport except the runways. Any idea how to fix? thanks in advance.
  4. Found the problem. Elevation issues at Boston have sofar been cause by Aerosoft's US Cities X Boston & My Traffic for AI Traffic.They are very easy to fix.To fix Aerosoft's US Cities X BostonRename AF2_KBOS_ALT.BGL to AF2_KBOS_ALT.OFFThis file can be found in Your Prepar3D Folder\Scenery\World\SceneryTo Fix My Trafficrename BR2_KBOS.bgl to BR2_KBOS.offThis can be found in MyTraffic\sceneryWithout disabling these files you will experience elevation problems.
  5. I seem to be 6 foot underneath the airport KBOS now that I have installed both Flytampa Boston Rebooted and Cities X Boston. Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance. Flytampa sits above US Cities in scenery folder.
  6. I’ve running a 1080ti. Can you see my old specs? I can’t see them. Updated to V4.4 and although I’ve not yet confirmed Bonn Cologne, the difference to the scenery rendering is nothing short of amazing. I’ll report back in the morning.
  7. Actually it’s not limited to Aerosoft. I’ve got mega blurries everywhere including TE Netherlands. As crazy as it seems P3DV4 is worse than vanilla FSX. Gutted.
  8. I did indeed. I’ve suffered this same anomaly with every Aerosoft Airport add-on. All settings to max.
  9. Cologne Bonn. It completely spoils all of the hard work that goes into the runways, which look immaculate by the way.
  10. I’ve had this problem in FSX and now in P3DV4. For some reason, even though all texture settings are maxed out, the grass looks horrible. Why is this only with Aerosoft airports that suffer this anomaly?
  11. Yeh, I can see where you're coming from. Nvidia put FSX at the bottom of their list when it comes to bug fixes. They only seem to care for gamers.
  12. Ah, thanks Shaun, that will be why then. The only problem being is the new nvidia driver (256) in surround 3D does not like DX9 mode for some reason. It is a known bug which, hopefully, nvidia will sort out for the next driver release.
  13. Sorry If this has been mentioned before but in DX10 pre mode the runway markings are all messed up. Is there a fix for this?
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