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  1. Hi! After install this I got no Primary Flight Display. PFD stay black, even increasing the brigtness of the display. So, any tip?
  2. Ughh, when I think "AEROSOFT PLEASE RELEASE THIS!!!!!!" I remember I don't know how to fly A330, so I remember I need a training, and I remember in the internet we don't have A330 Tutorials, and in the release day we aren't going to have "HOW TO FLY A330 AEROSOFT". Sad.
  3. You can, buuut. See the differences in the nose gear between A330-300 and A330F. Of course the freighter version have a different cockpit, different procedures, so if we have, can't use FS2Crew. GSX will work in pax mode. Fuel planner will calculate passengers. And of course, the A330F have a different feeling of pilotage if I can say this way. The motor is almost the same, but it's not. The same goes to -200.
  4. Guys, please, do like PMDG, who allows you in MCDU remove these pilots from Exterior View.
  5. Eeeeeeeeeehhhh http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/1832-vietnam-airlines-a320-cfm-vn-a303/
  6. Use Ezdok, is almost the same. But 3D and without perfect illumination xD
  7. Dude, do not need all that hahahahhaha xD Is the first time this community agree with me
  8. Yes, they did, but not this one with this special "decal". And the NEO version is the first A320 which lands and take off on the famous Santos Dumond Airport (SBRJ). Before, the unique planes who operates in this airport was the 319 and 318.
  9. Just adding a few images xD I can't edit this post anymore, sorry :c... Credits to the first image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/xfwspotter/. Another credits are in image COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links instead.
  10. What ever. It's a ****ing A330! In any version he still a ****ing beautiful A330!
  11. Hi there! Will be reeeeaaaaally cool if anyone can do the newer PT-TMN. He is the first A320NEO of Americas (place where I live), and carry the new company livery, with a special decal, where is written "Primeiro A320neo DA AMÉRICA DO SUL", what is almost "First A320neo of South America". He have winglet of course (I think all the A320neo have winglets). I'll (and the rest of south american community) will be very happy if anyone do that livery!
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