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  1. I can’t be too sure, maybe the plane is confused by you reloading and it’s attempting to load in the default state again. But I would just recommend not changing the time mid flight at this time. Same as the plane not being made to handle time compression maybe there’s something to that effect with time changes.
  2. Read through the Step-by-Step, it explains pretty much every page of that. Make sure to read the very bottom as well.
  3. Are you pressing the TO config button? I would say just run through the Step-By-Step even if you were used to flying the old bus. It helps to get the flows down again and make sure you have every part of it. I ran it a couple times with co pilot on then turned co pilot off.
  4. Is the APU staying on for the duration of the flight? How long are you waiting after turning the APU off? Are you running the checklist option? The reason I ask is because on airbus the APU does a 60 second cool down then will shut down. And the APU Avail msg should go away.
  5. I just copied a texture.cfg from one of the liveries the aircraft comes with and pasted it into the texture folder of the repaint. A little simpler and worked for me.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is indicated in the Step-by-Step.
  7. Go to edit this parking position in GSX and change the front loader and rear loader to conveyor belt only. Apply the changes then go into the top menu bar and go to GSX/Customize aircraft. Change the Main cargo door ( the one you'd see on a cargo aircraft) to no door here in the drop-down menu. Try that out and see if it helps.
  8. Just adding to the list, can confirm my issue was not being on 4.3. First 4.3 upgrade install did not work.(Little did I know) Installed client for 4.3 and all problems are gone.
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