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  1. The translator is strange, I mean, what are we going to wait for next Friday
  2. If need be, behold, the sounds of the engines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PXV1IZfgu8
  3. I have only one question, will there be implemented the entire cabin of the plane?
  4. Well, for example, Boeing 737-800 PMDG very well optimized! And the A320 would not have said that well
  5. I would like more design. For example, a wardrobe with things in the cockpit.
  6. As in the Boeing 737-800 right? Everything is working for himself and not automatically
  7. Please make a good cabin lighting and it would be cool if you turn on the VOR/ADF copilot is not automatically turned
  8. Hello! I paint livery, will be able to post soon paint kit for the A330?
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