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  1. Thanks Hans That's what I wanted to know. I see this feature is available in the CRJ1000, according to flightdeck photos I have seen. Using this feature makes the plane an absolute pleasure to fly. I am REALLY enjoying flying this plane now. Thanks for all your effort in putting it together. Regards Trevor
  2. Can someone from aerosoft please respond. Thank you in advance.
  3. Is there any info in the manuals on this function? I can't find any and all the AP images in the manual don't even show the VNAV button on the glareshield. Trevor
  4. Thanks again Michael. Whatever you did corrected the problem. The aircraft is now rock-solid at FL390. Much appreciated. Will test other flight levels as well.
  5. Thanks Michael. Will try it later.
  6. He is mad because his question has never been properly answered. I would also be upset!!!!
  7. Once again, any news on this? For goodness sake, please answer our questions!!!!!
  8. Michael, please keep us updated on this one. Regards
  9. Are you going to look into this? Regards
  10. I was using (Ex update) - obviously not fixed.
  11. Using the very latest update of CRJ. Noticed that the airports do not display on the ND screen when selected in the FMS. After cycling through OFF, ON, COMP a few times, they then appear. I think this was listed as one of the new fixes but it is not working properly.
  12. I always start P3D with a default aircraft (F22) - as always recommended to do. Then I change to the DC-8. Today I selected the DC-8 from the start in place of a default aircraft and there were NO sounds in the C&D setup. Somehow the default aircraft sounds appear to be coming through. Temp fix is just to start directly with the DC-8. I hope this doesn't create other problems with the DC-8. Will do a flight and test. Regards
  13. I have no add-on airports
  14. Hi Michael I have noticed that when in the cold and dark setup, there are still sounds which continually loop. Could you please look into this? Regards Trevor
  15. Concerning the DC-8 forum - a number of posts have been posted and there has been ABSOULTELY NO response from Aerosoft. Some posts are 2 months old!! What is going on? Michael has not been on the forum for weeks . If there is a problem, I would say it is common courtesy to inform us and to respond to our questions/problems. Please explain. Thank you in advance. Kind regards Trevor
  16. I hope he hasn't been affected by the virus.
  17. Is this forum still alive? This question was asked on July 11 and today is July 26 and this person has still not received a response from aerosoft.. This is not good enough. This person "M. Carter" would appreciate an answer!
  18. Thanks for the update today Hans. Will try it out over the next few days. Do you have a list of what was fixed/added? Regards Trevor
  19. That's good news Hans. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the reply. Regards Trevor
  20. It's been a whole SEVEN days now and no response or acknowledgement from aerosoft!!! Is there a problem?
  21. Any news on the update? It's been a month of waiting! Regards Trevor
  22. With all due respect, I have seen a video of a MK airlines DC-8 flying absolutely stable at 37,000 feet. I am still waiting for Michael to respond.
  23. Hi Michael The oscillation problem at CRZ has not been resolved in v3. As I said in another post, CRZ is very stable up to and including FL350. Once you go higher, the oscillating problem presents itself and is most annoying. Could you please look into this matter again - it's not linked to low speeds but to high altitudes. Would be much appreciated. Regards Trevor
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