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  1. Thanks Kiwi55. Taking advantage of the new version of the A320 published by Aerosoft V1250, I uninstall and reinstalled the A320 without the RAAS, but the problem continues, so I deduce that it is an incompatibility with my P3D or with Windows itself. Thanks for your recommendation. Keep investigating Jose Bieletto
  2. Thanks Dave I have already uninstalled the EZCA and the problem continues, unfortunately the EZCA is not causing the error unless this Addon leaves some residue on the A320, everything seems to indicate that it is not caused by the EZCA. I will keep looking for a solution. Jose Bieletto
  3. Hi Dave Uninstall the EZCA and the problem continues, however I will send a post to EZCA to know if they can help me, I appreciate the support José Bieletto josebieletto@prodigy.net.mx
  4. I have a problem starting the A320-321. Currently I have installed the EZCA 3 and I noticed that after starting my A320-321 when opening the initial window the window of the sce3nery appears, but it does not show the virtual cabin of the plane, immediately the EZCA changes the image to the flight deck of the airplane , which remains until it finishes loading the scenery and the plane. But as soon as I move the mouse closes the P3D without pop-up windows, it simply goes to a crash to descktop. If I do not move the mouse and open the EZCA screen with the keyboard with Shift + D I can change the window to the Virtual Cabin, but when I move the mouse closes the P3D. I deduce that my A320 321 is in conflict with the mouse but I do not know what this is due to. Could you help me solve my problem? Thank you José Bieletto josebieletto@prodigy.net.mx
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